The medical profession is falling apart.  Hospitals, insurance, clinics, are all taking your money, and spending it on themselves, not you.  In an age when middle America is biting bullets, those in charge of Medicine are getting rich.   Steve just put up where Hallmark is denying insurance payments to those in its own clinic, then applying their credit card used for the co-pay, to soak up the total amount of the bill.

People are finding their bank balances zero, at very inopportune times.

When we grew up, doctors were decent people. Now all they want is $$$$.  They don’t help people anymore.  It is time to change that.  It is past time to change that.

Competition.  That is how.  Doctors who work on the cheap.  Of, if you want, you can keep your high priced physician, who does nothing but talk to you for 5 minutes, have a prescription called in for you, and for that take a full day’s wages out of your pocket.

Imagine getting medical attention for $5?  Here is how.

We hire the smartest college graduates from the finest schools.  These are smart people. Once hired, we take them away to a retreat, and give them a 5 week program grounded in everything medical.  Everyone has been to a doctors office.  How hard can it be?  In that five week course, they learn everything a doctor needs to know.  WE then put them in clinics across the inner cities, areas where it is hard to staff, so people can get medical coverage for $5 dollars a visit.  One can imagine how busy they would be!

These are very smart people.  They can figure out the rest as they go along.  Who really needs to know the name of every bone?  The names of every muscle?  How the digestive system works.  Does it really matter if you can’t remember whether the large intestine comes before or after the small intestine?   If one can’t remember, just stick your fingers up (wear gloves of course) and find out.

The problem is all those doctors who went to expensive medical school, and over charge because of it.  Being a doctor is so simple, even a cave man can do it.  The reason medical costs are so high, is because of medical boards that set pricing.

This program will get around that, by hiring college students at normal college student wages, and put them in clinics charging $5 a pop…

One would think insurers would prefer paying out $5 instead of $500!  They will be on board.  KWS will make sure of that. And one of the greatest things about this program, is that when incompetent existing doctors throw in their towel, or get banned by their customer’s test scores, we have a whole crop of ready-to-go doctors who can jump into to any practice at a moment’s notice.

Just give them a medical book, and we have cheap, quality health-care. After all, they are very smart people you know.

This is not medieval England.  Today, anyone can be a doctor.  you just type the symptoms into Google, and write the perscription it spits out.  We don’t need four years of  medical school on top of our undergraduate program.  We need people who jump in, and Heal for America.

Really.  They are just doctors.  We’ve all been to doctor’s offices.  How hard could it be?   Competent medical care on the cheap!..   “‘Tis a consummation devoutly to be wished!”   Just think of all those lazy investors crying crocodile tears because they can’t rip us off anymore!   I mean 5 weeks is enough to learn about everything.  Even 6 weeks study is too much.

Our medical profession needs kicked.  We can’t delay any more this concept’s implementation.