If a Russian intelligence officer published reports explaining how the KGB was monitoring every Russian’s phone call and storing it for future reference,… then showed up in the United States, .. would we send them back to certain torture and death?

The Soviets would try every tactic we just did.  In the end, they would look like the repressors, and our government looks like it stands for truth and justice for real people.

So learn the lesson.  We can’t win.  Let’s simply say we’d like to try him, but it’s no big deal, and therefore the summit, will continue forward.

After all, even after much posturing and and diplomatic sanctions against us to appease their more rowdy internal factions, the Russians have always played ball.  I know the White House has a green advisory staff right now, but we should take a lesson here from the Russians.

Re-convene the summit.  Not doing so makes us look just like the Cheney Administration, carrying grudges.  In 2008, we said that was the totally wrong approach.  We voted instead for hope and change.