Residents and Hotel Guests in and around the Chrysler Plant Site, might like to hear first hand what they will hear all the time if this operation goes through. Windmills are quieter, btw.

As you may have heard, a new Data Center with the exact same generators is slated to be built next to Bloom Energy on the tarmac of what used to be the Chrysler Plant. As you heard (or should have in the above videos_, the noise you heard was from 5 miles away. This map shows a radius of 5 miles from the site in Newark.

In the circle it is way too loud to sleep at night

Within the circle you should hear the same decibel level as was captured in the two video clips above.

For those that want to hear what the sound sounds like closer, here are a couple of videos to give you a general idea. As one gentlemen says, “when we heard data center, we thought “great, nice and quiet. That wasn’t what we got at all!”

Gas Turbine Failure
Ever Wonder What A Data Center Sounds Like?
DataCenter Noise
Data Center Noise
Shouting At The Data Center

Sweet dreams, Newark.