With the first half of this year gone, it is obvious  a change has occurred across the continent of the United States.  Liberalism is dead.   Now this doesn’t mean that people who were liberals suddenly switched and changed their mind.  No, not at all.. The electorate is divided as it always is.  What I mean is that today when anyone ever mentions  “oh those Liberals”,…  those people who represent what that speaker is saying, don’t really exist anymore as liberals.  Instead they are “the main stream…”  We still  have two parties now, the extreme radical Conservatives versus Everyone Else…

What has happened is that since 2010  the conservatives have roadblocked progress so effectively by their philosophy that “to compromise is death”,  that anyone who opposes their extremisms, is tagged as a liberal… even when they aren’t.

If you think Insurance companies were profiting off the American Public, you were a liberal.  In fact you were just normal.  They were and still are profiting off you and me every time we get our insurance payment deducted from our paycheck. You just weren’t an extreme conservative who thinks working people have no right to their own money; only those with lots of money do….

If you thought we shouldn’t waste our resources in Iraq and Afghanistan, which no matter what we did  would fall apart soon  after our troops left anyway, you were called a liberal.. In fact you were just a good business man, who knew a bad investment when he saw one. it’s just that you just weren’t a radical conservative who believes killing Muslim Arabs for sport means that Christians win.

If you think people liking the same sex which they are, is up to them, then you were  a Liberal.. You aren’t a liberal.  You are just too busy with your own life to worry about someone else’s… If it doesn’t hurt you, why not, you thought…  No. You aren’t a liberal.  You just weren’t one of those extreme conservatives who believes God told him and only him how the  universe was to be played, and you had better follow his rules otherwise he is going to call you out as a…. Liberal…

Growing up, we heard about Liberals, but didn’t really know one personally… Che Guevara comes to mind.  Castro was another.. Mao Tse Tung the same.  Eugene Debs who lived before our time, we considered a liberal. The Israeli’s were extremely cool liberals, which is why we supported them. Oh, yes.. I almost forgot Woody Allen.  He was a liberal too.

Today, everyone who is not an extreme conservative, gets called a liberal… That’s kind of a joke, really. There are a lot of people getting called liberals who aren’t…  If there are liberals, where does one find them?

The center used to be the party of Common Sense.  The left had their whacks, the right their’s, but in the center the moderates of each could meet and get things done.  With the no-surrender policy now held and still enforced by the dying numbers of conservative radicals, it is forcing all those moderates and  the tiny few who really are liberal, to be held in close association,  a category I call:  “everyone else.”

Nowhere can this be seen better than the demise and destruction of our unions.

Do you know what the one difference between the Charter School Bill and Port of Wilmington Bill were this past session?  The ILA under Julius Cephas FOUGHT for their jobs.  They didn’t roll over and go along as did the DSEA.   And we have a totally different outcome.

Imagine the difference if the DSEA had emphatically said NO to the existing Bill adn put up a fight?   Quite a few Senators and Representatives would have switched votes. Most voted over parents objections simply because the DSEA gave it their stamp of approval. Without them probably enough legislators would have switched  to derail the charter bill.

Yet primarily because they are Union, both DSEA and Julius Cephas are called “Liberals” and still get treated as such…  Far from the truth… They are lumped into that huge group with the rest of us, called “everybody else.”

it is not surprising that as a large amorphous group, we are going to exactly have the same arguments that Democrats had with moderate Republicans in days of old…  Like arguments or not,… , back in days of old, things got done.

This session in Delaware, was very unlike our national Congress which still carries the dinosaur remnants of radical conservatives in power. In fact, it proves that without radicals in the mix, things get done.  Radicals are radical because of their unwillingness to settle for anything less than the extreme ideal they hold.  Usually those types of extreme ideals hurt a lot of people, while benefiting only a tiny few.

Delaware has shown the nation that progress  depends upon the complete excision of Radicals from anywhere near the source of power….   Perhaps it’s good to have one or two on each side, who can act like the moral compass for their parties, sort of like those cartoon angels and devils that appear on one’s shoulders when one attempts to make a moral decision….

Other than that they can’t be trusted.  Which is why Liberalism is dead.  We have everyone else with varying views thrown into one big pot,, united in the fact that “unh, unh, I ain’t one of those radical conservatives”, Against them are arranged the radical conservatives who are busily working to underpin the very institution to which they are employed..   a tactic most people find  irresponsible.

So when one speaks about Liberals, pin their feet.  Ask who are these Liberals they speak of., What do they stand for today, and what makes them different from the everyone else who also can’t stand the weirdness of radical conservatism….?