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Transportation Trust Fund Authorizations. Sums not to exceed $852,684,310 $391,859,052 State: $173,496,556 $184,231,302; Federal: $205,383,602$205,018,569; Other: $473,804,152 $2,609,181) are authorized to be withdrawn from the Transportation Trust Fund to carry out the projects and programs as set forth in the Section 1 Addendum of this Act.  Notice the huge drop in other.


US 301 Revenue Bonds.The Delaware Transportation Authority is hereby authorized 
to issue revenue bonds in a principal amount sufficient to finance the construction of the US 301 mainline,  including capitalized interest, cost of issuance and reserve requirements. The Secretary of the Department  of Transportation in concurrence with the Director of the Office of Management of Budget, the Secretary of Finance, and the Controller General, shall determine the time and the exact amount of the sale. Such revenue bonds may be secured by a pledge of the toll revenue generated by US 301 and the Transportation Trust Fund revenue. 

Maintenance and Operations Facilities. Building structures and facilities 16 constructed, or to be constructed, within the Department of Transportation’s operating right of way that facilitate maintaining the highway system and are used to assist in the operational and maintenance activities for all roads, shall not be subject to zoning, subdivision or building code ordinances or regulations by any political subdivision of the State.

ADDED...(c) The Department of Transportation will determine the impact of the new Transportation  Alternatives program, including eligibility guidelines,funding allocations for various program areas and funding levels based on the MAP-21 authorized funding for Delaware. (d) The Department of Transportation will report this information to the Office of Management and Budget and the General Assembly as part of its capital budget request and thereafter, once approved, meet the terms outlined in this section.

Grants and Allocations. The Section 1 Addendum of this Act appropriates the sum 
of $21,750,000$12,375,000 (State) for projects..

(a) The sum of $16,750,000$8,375,000 (State) shall be used for the Community Transportation Fund,  (Huge Cut)..

(b) The sum of $5,000,000$4,000,000 (State) shall be used for the Municipal Street Aid program,,, (20% cut)

Municipal Street Aid Eligible Uses..  beginning with Fiscal Year 2014, expenses of law enforcement for the policing of municipal streets, including, but not limited to salaries, equipment, vehicles and supplies shall no longer be an eligible use of Municipal Street Aid Funds. 

City of Wilmington Beautification. In order to maintain the urban tree canopy 3
available in the City of Wilmington, the General Assembly authorizes and directs the Department to establish, and maintain a program of tree maintenance and replacement…..

(a) Millcreek Farm (Yearsley) Property – Four parcels totaling approximately 35 +/- acres adjacent to Mill Creek (SR 282) and Stoney Batter (SR 283) Roads in New Castle County. The Department shall work with members of the surrounding community, plus State and local officials, to develop a master plan for the permanent protection of the site as community recreation and open space, and upon satisfactory completion of such plans, may transfer the parcel to New Castle County for a fee to be determined

Denny Road/Route 896 Alignment Completion. Upon completion and final inspection of the Denny Road/Route 896 Realignment Project, the frontage property consisting of two parcels (0.93 and 0.929 acres) along Route 896, currently landscaped and maintained by the community of Meadow Glen, shall revert back to the community

Community Transportation Funding Levels. The Department is directed to account 
for the Community Transportation Program funds as cash which shall be equal to the amounts authorized in Appendix A of this Act as well as previous Bond and Capital Improvements Acts. The funds authorized within the Community Transportation program shall not be subject to reallocation by the Department under any circumstances.

And sadly this was stricken with no replacement given…..

The General Assembly hereby determines that it is in the public interest to limit future residential, commercial, or industrial growth along certain portions of the 
State’s highway network. Such potential growth would produce unsafe driving conditions as increased traffic seeks access to, and movements along, a number of local roads and collectors in critical locations through the State. The General Assembly further determines that it would be infeasible or imprudent for the Department to attempt to design and construct modifications to the State’s highway network adjacent to these locations because such improvements would irrevocably destroy the important scenic and historic nature of the view sheds and other environmental attributes associated with these locations. Accordingly, the Secretary of the Department of Transportation (Secretary) is authorized and directed to use State funds appropriated to the Transportation Enhancements program authorized and funded in the Section 1 Addendum of 74 Del. Laws, c. 308, together with such other funds from any public or private source as may be available and appropriate, to purchase land, or such rights in land, as the Secretary deems necessary to protect the following properties, pursuant to the stipulations stated herein. Expenditures of these funds for these purposes shall be with the review and approval of the Director of the Office of Management and Budget and Controller General. The provisions of Del. C. c. 1 and 29 Del. C. c. 93 and c. 95 shall govern such purchases, and any other purchase by the Department authorized by this Act…….