Ever had something  smell so bad, you just stay away from everything associated with it?   Like a likable girl at work, who just one times farts the most horrible obnoxious smell, and you choose never to see her again?  You’re not mean.  You just throw up in your mouth at the Pavlovian response to seeing her image.

Well, even though almost no one has been paying attention, Darrell Issa in his House hearings on the IRS scandal, has refused to release the transcripts of his interviews regarding the IRS scandal, and has instead, only released readjusted transcripts that point to a giant arm of government reaching across state lines to investigate right wing conservatives….  

Instead of shedding light on what actually happened, Issa is trying to manage the release of information to form a narrative that the activities were politically motivated, and driven from the highest levels of the Obama administration….

Well enough was enough.. Democratic Elijah Cummings called Issa’s bluff and released the full transcripts.  Here is the release in two…. parts…. .  Issa was lying. Caught in the act, he has painted the Republican party again with the same portrait it carried last year:  it lies about every single thing… 

America is sick of lies.  That is why Republicans, even good ones, can’t get traction among the American people…  Their leaders are so odious, no one even wants to push a button listed next to a name in the Republican column…  They throw up in their mouth at just hearing the word… Republican…. UUUgggpPPP splish,splop,splap….