Confirmed F1 Touches Down Just North of Pencader

Confirmed Tornado Topples Trees


“It just spun itself right off”


Well…. I used to have a shed.

Tree Twisted Off Trunk

Spun and Split.

Trees Done Inconsistent Directions

Whirlwind Topples Trees Topsy Turvey

Thanks for the email and the pictures.  Here is a first view of the F1 tornado that hit north of Glasgow.  A funnel cloud was reported from onlookers several blocks away, but those in the path did not see it.  One onlooker looked out his window and said he saw lots of debris flying over his neighbors house.  Another reported it came without warning,   He heard the train, and yelled for everyone to get in the basement. By the time they got there (20-30 seconds) it was quiet.

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The F1’s path was very short. (thin yellow line in image above) Damage was minimal. For example, there were zero broken windows. Most of the damage was natural, ie uprooted or damaged trees due to the wet earth. A couple of siding pieces were off, and some shingles didn’t make it… We were blessed.

This video shows how it looke from ground zero. Not too scary.

However, it should be noted by all involved, that the confirmed F1 touched down in Rep. Jacques district. It is an omen and it must be heeded tomorrow afternoon in the House Chambers of the General Assembly.