Some things just make great sense.  The turmoil in the Republican Party has brought it to the forefront….

In a bad marriage, the best thing is divorce.  It is best for the kids.  It is best for both people involved.  It is best for all the in-laws..  Dissolve a relationship that is not working, stopping wasting time in denial, and use what time is left to move onward….

Some marriages end badly.  Most don’t. Most end on a good note and both people go onward to find happiness they couldn’t have had before.  Everyone, especially the children, is glad the fighting is finally over…  Ironically after the four year mark, many divorcee’s get along better with their former spouses than they did while inside the marriage…

Point is,  if a marriage works, it’s great.  If it doesn’t, staying together is hell.   Pretending something is great when it isn’t, is not adult.   In fact there is a whole counseling industry devoted to getting people to accept true reality….

If you are a true Conservative. you need to join IPOD.. That is the Independent Party of Delaware.  IPOD as being the true conservative party, should do well in Sussex County, and parts of Kent,  These would be the true Conservative faction whose values are solidly entrenched in Rural America.

The Republican Party as it is, should remain in New Castle County and the City of Dover…

IF this happens our legislature will most likely be made up of three parties.   By representing the main stream of conservative  thought,  the IPOD’s clout would be far stronger than any new normal third party.  If one can consider them analogous to the Tea Party and 9/12 Patriots, is is conceivable that they would have most of the seats on  Sussex County Council, and the General Assembly seats of most rural districts in Sussex County…  They would not have to cow to an imported Republican authority on high.  They could vote their own destiny.

The split would free the New Castle Republicans to pursue a more moderate tact.  Those voters up North who don’t want to vote for the Democrat but  feel compelled to, primarily out of their distaste for hard core conservative values on rape and women, would be easily persuaded to move to the middle by voting for the Republican candidate who does not share such extremism.

The Republicans have been arguing since 2006 on whether they should go more Conservative or more moderate.  This way they can do both and those conversations stop.  The word RINO will go out of existence, for those previously uttering it will be in another party…  Instead of bickering among themselves, each party can spend their newly found energy on where they excel…

What does this do?  It gives us good government.  A good government is one that is in tune with its electorate.   A bad one is the opposite.  America revolted against Britain for that very reason.  Reality states that all districts are not the same.  Republicans are all across the board on issues depending where they live.  Hobbling Sussex County with values they don’t agree upon, because it helps northern New Castle County Republicans win, does as little good as does its converse:  hobbling Northern Delawarean Republicans to values  popular to only those in the South….

A divorce is due.  It actually makes the best sense of all options.

Across the board,  Republicans have been moaning since 2012… what do we have to do to get back in power?  The obvious answer no one says: … is win more votes…   This policy will..

If Sussex and the rest of Rural Delaware can send IPOD’s into General Assembly, and if the Republicans then can compete evenly and win seats in Northern New Castle County, then the two parties can form a working coalition, often involving conservative Democrats,  giving them veto power over what the Democrats can accomplish…

When it comes to power, they will have what they are looking for.

But without the divorce the alternative is that we will continue to have these arguments… “He’s right, no she’s right,  No he’s right”… settling nothing.

Instead of questions, we need clarity.   We need to know that there is “this many” hard conservatives, “this many” progressives, and “this many” in the center….

This is so obvious.. it needs to happen…  If you have real conservative values, you need to be surrounding yourself with others who have real conservative values.. Then, trust the will of God…  Likewise if you are moderates, you need to do the same.

IPOD is RIGHT NOW accepting solid Conservative credentials  if you have them… And that’s not a bad thing at all….  In fact, like a divorce, sometimes splitting up is the best thing that could happen….   It is especially beneficial…. for  the Delaware voter….