One of those Bridges You Do Not Want To CrossThe Other of Those Bridges You Do Not Want To Cross
Courtesy of Protect Our Bridges

This nation has not taxed itself enough for 13 years.  As a result, we have not spent enough on our infrastructure….Driving on roads with potholes, doesn’t scare me that much.  But being on a very tall bridge, knowing it can collapse any second including the ones in which I’m crossing it,  does scare me… With my luck… it will be the I 95 bridge across the Susquehana at Port Deposit, Maryland. That one always scares me. If you haven’t heard, a bridge just collapsed in Washington State, on Interstate 5 north of Seattle.  The Republicans running that state had gutted all maintenance to cut expenses. Now they have one big expense to pay for. The accident occurred 3 hours prior to this writing.  So far there was no loss of life, just many loss of cars.

Being afraid of bridges, I immediately checked Delaware…. Out of our 862 bridges across this state, we have  53 that are listed as severely deficient, just as was the one in Washington State that collapsed…. We are lucky.  Only 6.1% of our bridges are severely deficient.  Nationally, eleven percent of our bridges are severely deficient.  Neighboring PA with   5,540 bridges out of 22,669, comes in with a 24.4% deficient bridge ratio.

Just remember that the next time you drive up into the sky across the Schuylkill River. One of of every 4  Pennsylvanian bridges, can drop out from under you into the water at any second…  one out of four.

The time for wringing hands is over.  It is time to make our bridges safer and the wealthy to gladly foot the bill…  Actually if you ask those people who 3 hours ago found themselves in the Skagit River, … it’s way, way past time.