Obama just fired the acting director of the IRS… This person was not even part of the IRS when allegedly this Tea Party  business occurred.  He became director just after last year’s election.  He found out about the problem at the same time as did us,  And Obama fired him. Wow.

For you see, nothing really wrong was done.  The group who were looking at Tea Party applications have a job to do..

The exact purpose of the IRS office in question IS to look at political groups. Specifically, to weed out purely political groups that promote or oppose candidates from obtaining a tax status that’s supposed to go to nonprofit educational organizations. The crime of the IRS agents in Cincinnati? They were doing their job.

But the targeting!  Why wasn’t Think Progress or George Saros targeted to?

It came up at exactly the time the office was getting flooded with a bunch of hastily prepared applications spewing from the Tea Party’s messy birth. The edict went out expressly because the office was being flooded with a bunch of hastily prepared, clearly political, applications all using very similar terms. In fact, the entire group of IRS employees in question was created to address the influx of possibly political applications……

Behind all this are the staggering numbers. Out of thousands of applications, only a handful were rejected. You know what happens while a nonprofit organization is waiting to get this approval? They get to operate as a nonprofit organization. The harm caused by this action is exactly zero…. 

Which is why we are only hearing about it now.  Some of these could have been shut down, possibly throwing the election towards a Democrat, but they weren’t…

No groups have sued the IRS in response to their rejection... 

These are agents doing their job. They responded to an unusual influx of groups with political language in their applications all going after a designation that excludes groups that carry out many political actions.

The only scandal here is that this is being reported as if the IRS did something wrong in injecting itself into politics. The law requires that the IRS inject itself into politics. Don’t like it? Change the law. Don’t attack the people trying to enforce it.

And now, the acting director is fired….Just like that.  over something that took place over which he no control, no input, and no knowledge….. and wasn’t even in charge when it happened…… That person has retired.

Now I’ll tell you why it was the right thing for Obama to do…  “the fact of the matter is that the IRS has to operate with absolute integrity.”

That is why it was done.  It was not done for the past. It was not done for the present.  It was done because without doing it, the IRS would always be tainted with the memory.  

Americans would ask,…  are they looking at me?  Are they doing it now? Things would grind to a halt.  But after today, i seriously doubt that anyone in the office is going to say… “let use all this power to demonize our opposition?”  I know that were I to get audited or have dealings with the IRS, I would know it wasn’t because of what I am.  It was because something I did probably wasn’t kosher….  Upon opening that letter of dread, my reaction is now…” oh, I did that?”  instead of …”they’re out to get me, see?”  

How do I know this?  Because someone who happened to be the IRS director at the wrong time this news let out, was made accountable…. No one is going to do it again….

This is why Obama is so great.  I remember George HW Bush sticking with LA police commissioner Gates, who without doubt, was running a racially intimidating police force. Not acting on that cost him the election..  Firing innocent people who do a good job, is not easy.  It is especially hard when one fires someone to save the ship, even though that person has no guilt, no accountability, but is in the wrong place at the wrong time..

Bad as it was, it had to be done to save the accountability and honor of the United States of America.   We’ve heard from Delaware Politics and national Tea Party candidates how corrupt the Democrats and Obama are.   In one swift move, what we Democrats always knew is now proven.  Obama don’t stand for that. 

You can go to bed now. Our country is in safe hands… Honesty has taken the upper hand.