This bill will allow an Alabama firm to build a hospital and staff it without getting a liscence or having to be part of a review process.

To put it to the extreme, it sanctions a hands-off policy towards this one health care facility.  It is as if we allowed one restaurant an exemption to operate without a public health inspection or a business license….

c. “Freestanding inpatient rehabilitation hospital” shall mean a facility that satisfies, or is expected by the person who will construct, develop or establish the facility to satisfy, the requirements of 42 C.F.R. § 412.23(b); provided that, if such facility is not paid under the prospective payment system specified in 42 C.F.R. § 412.1(a)(3) within 24 months after accepting its first patient, then it shall not be considered a freestanding inpatient rehabilitation hospital under this section. No freestanding inpatient rehabilitation hospital is subject to the Certificate of Review process, and thus no such hospital shall have any license or authority to operate denied, revoked or restricted on the grounds that a Certificate of Public Review has not been obtained.

But if you explore the detail, it allows this new facility coming into Middletown to work without a liscense or government oversight, but requires all existing Delaware facilities to continue getting inspected…  It gives the Alabama corporation an unfair advantage over Delawarean ones.  It is as if a locality wanted a restaurant so badly they guaranteed they would never question how it operated, (where do all our dogs keep disappearing to) yet all competitors had to undergo rigid and costly improvements…

Now the last person anyone should trust in this entire world,  is a  medical firm from Alabama.   But that is exactly who we are giving away this carte-Blanche freedom to run as they wish.

I pity any patient whose children unknowingly put their mom or dad into this body-part mill…..   Under this new law, they cannot be shut down and are immune from all oversight and inspection….  No one is looking out for the patients.

Who would agree to such a bill?  We will soon know…