Today at 2:00 the vote will begin on House Bill 75. .  It will replace Delaware’s Civil Union law with that of marriage.  For gays it is the end of a long hard fight to gain respectability; after all the jeers, self-loathing, insults, hurled their way, they are human in every regard known to man. The last distinction will be dropped.

This moment will also determine the future of the Republican Party.  Those that vote no against this proposition, will wear it around their necks indefinitely.  Times are changing and Republicans have only two options left…. They can be known as being one who opened the door, or as one on the other side, trying to block it and keep it shut.

History is not kind to those on the wrong side. The Herbert Hoovers.  The Richard Nixons.  The George W. Bushs… That is the side on which you will be.  Particularly if you staked your vote on doom and gloom arriving at our doorstep, and nothing happens,  Your past words will get thrown back at you every time it helps someone else get ahead….

But what if Republicans voted for it unanimously?  What would happen if the Republican Party also said Yes to HB 75?  it would electrify the party.  Republicans would no longer be the footstool that gets kicked around because it is always in the wrong part of the room.

If Republicans voted yes to HB 75, there would be no reason NOT to vote for Republicans in 2014.  All the stereotypes would shatter as if in a thousand pieces of glass… All that old baggage that hits you squarely on the head every single time you campaign, wouldn’t be there…

People for the first time since the 90’s, would see you as human beings who are individuals and have the thoughts they do, not because the are injected with a chemical, but because those conservative thoughts make real good sense…

Once you get a reputation, small changes don’t change it.  It takes something really big, huge, to shatter an old reputation and be seen in truth for what you are….

This is that opportunity for the Republican Caucus.  You are Senators.  You vote for your constituents as well as your state.   What is morally right is unquestionable here.  Single sex marriage hurts no one and is the only fair vote possible.  What is questionable, is your courage to accept it.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but all of you have staff or friends of family who are gay.  You KNOW the stuff being said against gay marriage is crap…

Do you have the courage to do the right thing?  Of course you do.  You are Republicans in a Democratic state… You have tons of courage.  But do you have the will to unite in solidarity and have the entire Republican caucus vote Yes to single sex marriage?

If you don’t, it will haunt you till the end of your days….

Does anyone remember Senator Robert Byrd, longest serving US senator in history?   Well, every time he was introduced on television while alive and even at death, it was always accompanied by the acknowledgement he was once a Grand Dragon of the Klu Klux Klan…  He long ago apologized he was wrong, but that option had made great sense to him at the time.

Remember this, as you vote.  History is fickle if it doesn’t go your way….