Recently the Senate voted 54-46 in favor of extending background checks. And as we all know, under the current rules of the Senate, for anything to be passed over the minority, it has to have 60 votes as a minimum,

Although that may seem like a setback, it actually should scare the NRA and 2nd Amendment Activists our of their shells.  The equivalent metaphor was having a MOAB dropped on top of you that for some reason did not go off….

Let’s explain.

Ideally to get something done, you need 50 votes in the Senate.  There are a hundred Senators, so 50 plus the VP should give you passage as it did for Clinton’s tax package in ’93.  Yes the one that gave us 8 years of continuous growth!

50 Senators would equal 25 states since there are 2 Senators per state….  So if we take a look at a state population table,  and measure up the population in the lowest 25 states, we see that amount comes to just under 50 million people, which represents  15.8%  percent of the whole population of this country.

Contrary to popular belief, this nation’s government is based on geography, not population. Which means that 15.8% of the population controls the agenda of the Senate even without a filibuster.

With a filibuster, we need only 40 votes to control the Senate. So that means we back off the top 5 states since there are 2 senators per state, and the population of the lower 20 states amounts to…. 32 million or …. 10% of our population….

Therefore 10% of our population controls the Senate if we go with a filibuster of 40 votes….

Which if one reads the polls that 90% of Americans favor gun control and 10% don’t, and one would assume those who don’t certainly don’t live in a urban area,  then the Senate vote is just about right.  It matches up to the polling data almost exactly.

But, what is interesting?  Is that Toomey and Manchin were the ones who created it, both A+ members of the NRA, and that a majority of Senators despite coming from rural America, all voted for it….

So to use a WWII analogy, in 2014 we have a race for the bridge at Ramagen… The Republicans have to hold that bridge across the Rhine at all costs, whereas 90% of the population is racing as hard as they can right at them to take it back….

Using their stance on guns to get out the urban existing  in those rural states, could just be the deciding factor in ridding us of Republicans forever!….