I can remember very academic arguments with David Anderson way back when as we each sought to determine for the next twenty years, how property rights should be divided up ethically and morally….

One view is that libertarianism should be the rule.  Do what you want as long as no one gets hurt.

The other view was that society should rule.  We are getting hurt so we now have to dictate what you can do….

Funny thing is, we were both arguing the same thing, except from two different ends…

People should be allowed to do what they wish as long as others are not hurt,  When others feel hurt, there needs to be an arbiter or judge who looks at both sides before siding against the property owner.  I think that makes sense….

We see in West, Texas what happens when people like Delaware’s own Christian Hudson and Mark Baker get their way.  Anything goes.  Everyone else be damned…

In the town of West, Texas a fertilizer plant exploded across the street from a school, one block away from a nursing home, and two blocks from an emergency services building.

This is what zoning is in place to prevent.  It also prevents too much runoff, to much commercialization, too much traffic, too much sewage, too many stoplights, too much congestion, and too much time out of our lives.  And when things go horribly wrong, like a corporate entity like Christian Hudson or Mark Baker, cuts a corner or two like a fertilizer plant did in West, Texas….  BOOM!   We’re all dead.

Some of you have lived in Delaware more than ten years…  You fondly remember the excitement building up in your car as you raced through the forests that lay between Lewes and Rehoboth.  Good zoning could have left them an still created the business that provides the tax base now.

But good zoning was cast aside for misplaced words like “freedom” and “liberty” and “property rights” ….  Those have there place, but not in zoning situations.  There at least, some type of thought process should ahve played a part, instead of knee-jerking when either Christian or Mark jerked the chain.

You probably  don’t need good zoning in the tundra of Alaska or the Yukon.  But you do need it in Delaware.

It is time to start shouting down the nincompoops in Sussex County who have  only a three word vocabulary when the show up at County meetings:  liberty, freedom, and property rights….

The rest of us have rights too, and we are far greater in number than those three people who created the logjam that begins south of Federal Route 9.

Next time someone wants to take away your liberty, your freedom, and your happiness by wanting more and more for themselves… tell them to go to hell…