Today HB 35 is up. This will make background checks required for criminal purchases as well as for those of good citizens. Currently, if one is a good citizen, one must go through a back ground check to buy a gun.. But if one is not a good citizen, and would probably have difficulty passing a good citizen’s back ground check, the NRA has many places one could buy a gun without any type of background checks whatsoever….

Killed ten people already? We have just the gun for you….

This is not something to be taken lightly. Delaware has always been right when the nation has been wrong…. That is because unlike Georgia, Kansas, or Mississippi, we have mostly good people here. People who do what is right, not what is wrong and then scream and cry for protection from the law for the crimes they perpetuate…. We are good people…

Good people always get the bad end of the stick… The bad people cry and in the vacuum, get what they want… After all, everyone tries to calm a crying baby…..

But it is when the good people stand up, and say enough is enough, that the bad people have to take a back seat… There is no requirement that bad people always get what they want, and that good people always have to take it on the chin. They can only do so, because good people being good people, are too busy doing good in their personal lives to have time to argue….

Like the little Who who saved the civilization in Horton Hears A Who, a child’s book by Dr. Seuss, who was jerked out of her room and added to the screams of the entire population screaming for their survival, your voice may just be the one heard….

If you don’t call, it is certain failure. If you do, it is one more step towards righting a wrong that can affect us all…

Give criminals the right to walk in and buy a gun? Not on Delaware’s watch… Here are the numbers….

Colin R. J. Bonini Phone: (302) 744-4169
Catherine Cloutier Phone: (302) 744-4197
Gerald W. Hocker Phone: (302) 539-9662
Gregory F. Lavelle Phone: (302) 577-8714
David G. Lawson Phone: (302) 744-4237
Ernesto B. Lopez Phone: (302) 744-4136
Brian Pettyjohn Phone: (302) 858-0694
F. Gary Simpson Phone: (302) 744-4134

And for good measure, add a call to the main desk and they will record your call and send it to each legislator as a tally… So you get twice the power…

Republican Offices
Phone (302) 744-4048
Fax (302) 739-5049

Be the most important citizen in our state. Call before 1 pm today! You might want to share this line with them…
Tell them if they ever want to get their party mainstream again in this state, they must vote in favor of at least, at least, making criminals have to jump through the same hoops responsible people all have to do to get a gun; tell them you don’t give a damn what the NRA says otherwise!… Criminals should not be allowed to get guns easier than good citizens. This bill will stop that. Encourage them to vote for the Comprehensive Background Check reform bill…..if they ever want a Democrat to cast a vote that way again….

Especially that Greg Lavelle in former Senator Katz’s territory….. He should be reminded that with his very tight victory last election year, that 90% of America is solidly behind stronger background checks with zero NRA criminal loopholes embedded in….