I just watched a video over at DelawarePolitics.Net on gun control.  The panel was composed of people I’d seen on television across the range of my life, both as adult and child…

Every one had an opinion… and on cue they gave it.   Funny thing for me, was that over the course of my life, had at intervals you’d picked me out and placed me in those chairs,  I too could have argued eloquently for each of those peoples positions…

But the thing is, I evolved.   Something these talking heads do not seem to do…  Can this be humanly possible?  Or is it a telling sign that we are getting played?….

And why when we were growing up, it was young men arguing around the table in black and white, and now it is the same men now old, arguing the exact same things in digital high definition,  around a similar table?   Where are today’s young people?  I certainly respect wisdom, and a wise person would say that what was good in the past ie. listening to our young, should be just as good in our present….

Which brings up the same question.  Are we getting played?

Is the reason we have the same people because they can be counted on by now, not to evolve?   Walter Cronkite shook the world when he surprised everyone and sided with the “hippies'” against throwing our children’s lives based on a lottery into the jungles of southeast Asia….  Heaven help corporate America were a top CNBC analyst to came out that raising taxes on our wealthy would do four times more good than the harm it purportedly is supposed to cause.

Better to stick to today’s  “old man” who has been saying the same thing ever since Reagan was president… just that he wasn’t old back then….

People do evolve.  And whereas we have lived through the conservative’s dream world going on 13 years now, it has not yet worked and it is getting old.  But it is only on the fringe of society where the truth is actually being told, and yet, that voice never gets on a show…  Never.  Instead it is…. “what’s that old guy’s name?  Yeah, him.  Let’s see if we can get him on.”

Is this inertia, or just laziness stemming from not wanting to use one’s brain too early in the morning?   Or are we manipulatively getting played into thinking we are seeing something live and on the cutting edge, but instead it has been scripted for years…

The premise of the movie Hunger Games is that the spectacle of children killing each other is played out on public TV to preoccupy the enslaved societies and distract them from the reality of their condition.   In the movie unknown to all the viewers,  the entire event is scripted by technocrats who choose the winners and losers and get to control the environment within the game that can make or break them….

A winner emerges eventually as planned, unless of course, they outsmart the controllers and do something completely unforeseen, capturing the title away from what was to take place.

In the movie, the populations all think they are watching reality TV.  Except it is not real.  It is a show, scripted for a finale that captures the viewers attention like every “reality” show written for the screen today….

So are we likewise being played?

There comes a time when it becomes obvious.   On guns now is one of those times.  92% of Americans want gun laws toughened…..  92%.   Yet on every media, and in Congressional reports, we are told it is neck and neck and that gun control is losing to the NRA….

Yet 92% of Americans prefer gun control… yet we are being told that gun control is losing to the NRA even though 92% of Americans support gun control and don’t want it to succumb to the NRA…. 92%.

In the real world, this would not be happening.  Instead, 9 panelists would be arguing for gun control, and one stalwart, would be arguing against it…  9 to 1…..  But nowhere do we see the real world portrayed.  It is not on TV.  It is not on the internet.  It is certainly not in Congress….

Why don’t they portray the real world?

Because Newtown wasn’t supposed to happen.  We were not supposed to want, at a level of 92%,  responsible gun control…

In Delaware we had something similar now going on 5 years ago.   92% of Delaware wanted off shore wind… 92%…  Four people in General Assembly opposed.   Tony DeLuca, Thurman Adams, Charlie Copeland, and Harris McDowell…  All for selfish reasons.   These four, now gone (not all dead), tried every trick to turn the tables on that tide of 92% of Delaware that wanted offshore wind off  the coast of Rehoboth Beach….   I remember that time well.  We were definitely played with false information, lies, fabricated reports, buried legislation,  and a willing News Journal that went along with everything the “four horsemen” said.

But the one thing they could never get around….  was that 92% of Delaware’s population wanted the benefits of offshore wind…..

Due to persistence, the tide turned, and the 92% won….

We are definitely being played.  There are good people from Newtown, Connecticut  now in Washington DC, arguing their cases for gun control in a virtual media silence.

We at home, turn on our TV and see gun control getting beaten up by the NRA…

The 92% are getting played…..