In a must-be-there meeting for Delaware’s Tea Party taking place Saturday, on Del Tech’s campus in Georgetown, DE,  the paper-pushing sheriff was able to gather all 336 of the remainder of the Tea Party…

A group once powerful enough to throw Mike Castle out of office, is now down to 336 men.

Now these 336 are banding together to form their own government very similar to that selection of colonial farmers and merchants who gathered in Philadelphia to succeed from  Great Britain.

“Judge T. Henley Graves recent ruling that Sheriffs in Delaware have no authority of arrest is wrong, and actually is a criminal act of seditious conspiracy (U.S. code Title 18, sec. 2384), which is defined as attempting to overthrow the established form of government. The penalties for violating the Oath of Office in this manner are a fine and twenty years in prison. “

Only difference is those in Philadelphia 237 years ago were a lot smarter and actually had a case against Great Britain.

If one can consider those enlisting Mr. Paper-Pusher to be their cult leader  then strictly for purposes of alliteration, I hereby dub them:  Christopher’s Cult.

Christopher’s Cult is synonymous in membership (336) with the remainder of the Tea Party (336) which is likewise synonymous with what’s left of the NRA.(336)

Their principal aim appears to be the revival of the KKK but they plan on doing it legally by calling  it by another name. Whenever they want to exert their gun wielding brand of justice, off they ride in pick up trucks carrying Boss Hogg’s airhorn with bull’s testicles hanging off their back ends. .  They are no different than any southern segregationists who refuse to accept Federal Law that said black people had to be treated as people too…. and instead chose to take the law into their own hands.

So why is Delaware’s General Assembly afraid of just 336 cranky old white men?

Tea Potty MathWarehouse-pie


Simply, because those 336 are  sexy and they know it.

On any given summer day…you can find most of these 336 wearing male bikinis on the northern stretches of Rehoboth’s beaches , up north of where the boardwalk ends.

Our pasty white members of the General Assembly are very frightened to show up on the beach with zero tan lines….  They live in fear of these 336 showing them up….

Did I mention they were sexy and they knew it?