Forget about the deficit.  Forget about class struggle.  Forget about intra-class equity.  Forget about soaking the rich….

“Just forget about it…..”

Our current tax base inequity is killing our economy…..  Not just ours, but the global economy as well.  The  solution to the worlds economy is our tax rate, right here in the USA….

Imagine all the wealthy in the United States.  It is here.   It is full of one color.


Now, let us show you how that wealth was divided just before 1980.  That was the beginning of the Republican Party (you know what I mean).

1979 MathWarehouse-pie

Now, let us show you how wealth is divided with the closest available figures today.

2010 MathWarehouse-pie

Now let me show you how the US dominates the worlds wealth.

Global MathWarehouse-pie

It is pretty clear to everyone that the economy is driven by demand.  If there is demand, then investment flows into options to create more supply.  When supply is higher than demand,  cutbacks have to occur until both are closer in alignment.  Right?

So the big global economic problem is…. in America there is a lack of spending!….  Unfortunately it has been going on 5 years. and a lot of this lack of spending comes from the collective behavior across this country now put towards paying down individual  debt from what we once spent in our past….

The solution is to spend more.  The burden on spending more must lie with those who have money to spend.

2010 MathWarehouse-pie

This group failed us.  The trickle down theory never trickled down.  Seriously?  Why would it?  Who except the Mother Theresa’s of us, would simply give our money away to help the poorer and downtrodden?

Our forefathers lived through this a hundred years ago.   If you want to see our future, study the economy from the Civil War to the Great Depression.  Business and the wealthy could not be trusted to look out for anyone’s  interests.  There had to be another way.

We stumbled upon it funding WWII.   Tax wealth.  Use that as seed investment money.  Build things.

Has anyone ever thanked our forefathers for their investment into the building of a vast network of interstate highways?  Imagine if  we had counted upon the private sector to make this  improvement to our lives?

Highways were paid for by taxing those “with money”.  As seen above, in the past the middle class had money and chipped in accordingly.  Today that money is no longer  in middle class hands and is instead of being reinvested it is now getting siphoned off-shore where it does no good what so ever.

Until Americans  return to the good habit of spending, the soft economy will continue….  To get that quick transfusion which will  jump start  our economy, our nation needs to  put money back  into the hands of the middle class, so they will again start buying things that employ people…..  The middle class likes to spend.  They are the gas that runs the economy’s engine.

The simplest method accomplishing this, is to increase the taxes a little bit on those who have way too much money.  …

Studies show that for every penny in increased tax, there is 99 times that economic benefit as that penny circulates through the system until it again finally settles into the pockets of the rich.  From there, it needs to be recycled again so we can again create the type of pie chart above showing the golden days when  wealth rested in the hands of those who would run right out and spend it….

The answer is not socialistic, that is  to take money away from the wealthy.  Oh no. Instead, it is to temporarily borrow it,  to force their investment into the economy so all again reap the benefits, not just the 1%….  Seriously, we should all get rich together, and we will, once we raise taxes on  “Those Few Who Will Not Spend…..”