I just spent some time reading through the NRA’s list on how to make schools safer…..

Obviously a lot of time and effort went into this project to deflect the real cause away from guns. I appreciate their effort.  In 2010, there were 132,656 public schools.

Here are the costs per school as portrayed by the NRA.

Consulting assessment per school  $10,000

Camera systems per school   $50,000

Making outer doors secure per school   $10,000

Making Classroom doors secure per school  $50,000

Hiring 2 armed guards at $20/hour per school  $40,000

Training those 2 guards at NRA run camps  $40,000

That was for starters.  Let us go with just those basics….  The NRA says as a society we need to spend $200,000 per school to keep our kids safe.  The cost for Christina District would be $5,000,000. The cost for Red Clay District would be $6,400,000.  Brandywine would cost $3,000,000.

To fortify every school across  the entire country would cost  $25.6 Billion…

Bluntly put.  it would cost $25.6 billion to fortify each school, when we could simply make not only school kids, but every citizen safer for a zero added cost.  Yes, just pass the Delaware state laws which will keep fewer guns out of the hands of criminals while not curtailing the rights of legal gun owners, and we can have the safety in our schools we all grew up under, with zero cost…..

$26,500,000,000, or zero…….

Call your legislators today and tell them, especially the Republicans, they are going to be out of a job if they don’t pass the Governor’s rational regulations on weapons of school kids destruction…..

Oh, and did anyone else catch that the NRA’s plan nets themselves $5.3 billion from training all those guards?