Spring Break. Most of us have a break from the routine. Some of us lucky ones, have a whole week off with an extra long weekend at the beginning. Now is a good time to think about resurrection.

Those of the Christian faith can guess where this is going. But the same applies to people of all faiths. All religions. All beliefs….

The overall lesson of the resurrection is thus: there are times you get beaten…. but it IS not over.

Two thousand years ago a cult was wandering around a colony of Rome, and the Conservatives of that Colony by a narrow majority were able to indict that cult’s leader with the death’s sentence. They then twisted the arm of the newly appointed leader who was basically stuck with no other political recourse, into implementing what his constituent’s appeared to fervently want….

Even that leader thought the punishment too harsh. After all, the alleged crime was simply political. The Conservatives maintenance of the population’s allegiance was struggling against the new ideas of this man, and Conservatives had no other recourse to survive, but through force. Force prevailed. The ideas stopped coming.

Then there was a resurrection. Ironically, all the witness’s on record as to it’s being true, were only those of the inner-most members of that cult itself. There are no independent collaborations. Yet today, even if not all of the world’s population worship him, 99.0% of the them know his name, Jesus….

And from the beginning to the end of time, just how many similar cults have their been? How many other similar cult leaders are now known by 99.9% of the world’s population today? None?

And that is the point. The reason we have Christianity spread across the globe today, is… (if you are truly honest), because hundreds of billions of individual events spanning across the lives of civilization from that time hence have led us to this point…. Unlike all other religions, who too once had their ardent supporters, this one when it came down to it always survived.

It was supposed to be crushed two thousand years ago with the humiliation of it’s leader, a former carpenter who claimed to be the son of God himself….

Now here is what I ask of you no matter what name you choose to give to God. Think in terms of Peace, Love, Hope, and Charity and choose what kind of world you want for the future. Go one step further. If you had wishes, if you had nopes, if you had dreams, not just for yourself but for a world for your children, grand-children, great grandchildren… are you happy with the way we are now? If not, what would you do to go out and change it, to make things better?

Remember, all it took was less than twelve people going out into the world telling their stories…. to make all this happen… Do you think they imagined themselves setting up the world for today? Nah. They just did what they had to do to stay one step ahead of their executioner….

That is why everyone knows about the Resurrection today…. People across all years hence, spoke, prayed, and lived it…. Imagine. What if you were a champion for the new future that burns in your dreams?

We can do this. We have to tell people. We just can’t stay silent. The future can be as good or as bad as we dream it.

Happy Resurrection!