As gun control, the death penalty, and single sex marriage all rush forward and seem to be gaining more acceptance with every single minute,  it seems to point out the death throes of the entire cannon of conservatism… Especially the hateful harsh kind that exists only by brutalizing anyone who tries of offer a better alternative… Believe me … There are plenty of better alternatives.

I was moved by an opinion piece in Sunday’s News Journal… It responded to each Conservative argument against gay marriage one by one.  In the end, as each Conservative plank  became undone, the only reason left for being against Gay Marriage, was the desire to make gays suffer… Not the most noble of human emotions.

Now today on Al’s show with El Som, Capital Punishment as well was the topic.  El came out against the proposed amendment to enforce it if a policeman gets killed.  El put up a good argument that as a society of law, you either kill or don’t kill.  You can’t do both at the same time…  As the arguments progressed, and again, as conservative planks got batted down by logic one by one, keeping the death penalty was supported by only one and only one reason: the desire to make fellow humans suffer!. Oh the fun of torture!  Again not one of our most noble emotions.

But that conversation reminded me of another piece in the News Journal, I believe in Saturday’s issue.  That interview of someone released from death row because his accuser recanted his testimony…

What was telling, was the prosecutors retort… ” We believe we got the right man.  Justice is not being served here but there is little we can do.”

Excuse me?  Your whole prosecution pointing to this very unlikely suspect, hinged only on one witness who said he it was him…  Now, when that one witness confesses he lied, and is sticking to his story and is preferring to face prison for perjury instead of having an innocent person be executed from his lie, …you, Mr. Prosecutor still say you had the right person?  You say that because you can’t admit you were wrong.  You never had the right person. To push that line against unmitigating evidence, makes us wonder if you EVER have the right person?  You really don’t even care as long as you have a conviction in your cap, one more to hold over your peers.  Based on your comment, suddenly our entire justice department can no longer be viewed as impartial.  When the prosecution undeniably knows the person is innocent, but prosecutes him anyways, putting him on death row, personally  suspecting all the time he is innocent… proves one very important thing.  Prosecution framed him.  pure and simple.

Perhaps immunity can be granted to this perjurer, freeing him from prison time, in order to cajole him to open up to all of us in society and explain who put on the pressure … Exactly who was it how is the real criminal, those prosecuting innocent people…?

Suddenly the reason police want the death penality is clear.  They want to kill. Bounded by society from doing so, pushing one into death row is the next best thing…..

Bottom line, both of these are very basic planks of conservatism.    Law and order, and an eye for an eye…

That in Delaware, where we should be immune from bad prosecutors because of our fine justice system. even we have people more concerned with feathers in their caps than whether someone innocent get killed….

Obviously that this is happening now, points us in the direction to where we have to get rid of the death penalty.. .  We have all the wrong people on death row….

Conservatives brought us to this mess.  Everything they have said, and still say, doesn’t hold water.  Gays did not destroy the world… Death penalties did not dry up crime.  Registering guns doesn’t cause guns to be collected by the government…   Obama care is not bad, but good.    You don’t have to invade Iraq to capture Bin Laden.

Why do we still have Republicans anyways. All they do is ruin lives. Everyone’s lives…