Just before someone expires there is a stir, a gasp, a movement, and for one second it looks like all is well, they are coming back to life, and then the eyes just stop. The spirit has moved on.

Anyone attending the Civic League for New Castle County Debate on Gun Control, as well as the General Assembly hearings in Dover this and last week, got a visual of that same scenario …

The meeting took place Tuesday, March 19, at the County building just off the road to the landfill…

The meeting room was packed with Andy Griffiths, Barney Fifes, and Aunt Bee’s numbering close to 170. No Opeys. One person represented Sussex County. One person represented Kent, and the preponderance represented New Castle County.

It had the feel of a coming out party. The participants were giddy to see so many others there just like them. Each felt the entire universe’s lifeforce passed through them and them alone, and none had qualms shouting down speakers who just were not as enlightened as them. Many of the 9-12 Patriots were in attendance, foregoing their required date with a treadmill just to make the meeting. Quite a few over 70 years in age, both men and women, actually shaved for the occasion.

Probably it would be safe to say, roughly 4% of the attendees supported the Governor’s Plan on Gun Control. The rest all showed up to fight oligarchical tyranny. that multi-headed hydra capable of shape-shifting at a moments notice. It would be safe to say, just two years ago, that hydra would have been in the form of a horrendous Hawaiian Birth Certificate, or the (spooky music here) lack of one.

Anthony N. Delcollo, Esq., President, Delaware Association of Second Amendment Lawyers (guess which side he was on) felt the power of the room and tried to channel himself into the Great Wonderful Oz. Although he was capable of mesmerizing his captive audience who hooted and hollered at his unsupported platitudes, outside that small room the Great Oz would no doubt have as much critical acclaim as the current movie does bearing the same name.

Mark Blake, Hockessin Civic Leader and NRA lifetime member, enjoyed having a room that supports him, (he is usually on the other side regarding Land Use). Seriously. There were no challenges to numerous misstatements. One could say anything in support of unlimited use of unlimited weaponry aimed at unlimited people and receive a standing ovation. He did repeatedly. Other than the luminary idea of putting locks on school room doors, nothing new to the argument was provided. It was the “same ole”, “same ole” platitude that since criminals don’t obey laws anyway, so … what’s the point of even having law? ….. Applied to guns, that was crux of the argument.

Poor Andrew Lippstone, Esq., Governor Markell’s Chief Legal Counsel…. Two hundred and thirty five years ago, he would have been picked up, dropped and rolled in a bed of tar, and covered with half the chicken feathers of Sussex County. One has to admire the courage to even attempt to engage against a force so righteous they were deaf to any reasoning. To them however, he provided the entertainment giving an excuse for every member to show their extensive knowledge of every individual part of every firearm in the cannon of military weaponry… Being so overwhelmed was obviously discomforting to him; hoping of course 235 years of the “right to free speech” would prevail among people wishing they lived inside a piece of parchment written 235 years ago.

Delaware Coalition Against Gun Violence Representative (Nancy will supply me with the name) announced the results of a new poll on gun violence. OVER 50% OF SUSSEX COUNTY WANTS ALL GUNS REGISTERED! NEAR 60% OF KENT COUNTY WANTS ALL GUNS REGISTERED. OVER 90% OF NEW CASTLE COUNTY WANTS ALL GUNS REGISTERED!… or were in support of some type of background checks with no exceptions…

This data was attacked. The sample size was too small it was said; questioned was the 600 people sample size for the entire state of Delaware? Forget that national polls are also decided on the same number polled, there were 200 people there in that room and almost 100% were in favor of no regulation on any weapon ever…. That poll had to be a lie, a disingenuous trick. a surreptitious plot to steal the truth away from the American people. Someone was lying. It was obvious that 100% of the people support open warfare with military weapons anywhere at anytime… because… well, they said… look around….

In their enthusiasm at not being a shunted minority, their exuberance is forgivable. But one hoped, that someone, just one person, would point out to them, that… you know? There were other people living in Delaware too, who weren’t in that room…

You know? They probably didn’t get that email that told them they were about to lose their prized possessions and to show up in force to demand they keep things the status quo. They probably just got home and had to cook dinner or eat dinner with the kids, and then do homework, put them to bed, and then get ready for the grind tomorrow. You know, after a rough day, there was probably something better they needed to do than find a building just off the road to the landfill, and park their car in a crowded lot, and freeze their butts off walking through the labyrinth of that parking lot and finding the entrance to the main steps of that building… I would offer that perhaps drinking wine would have been a better option. You know?

There was not one black person in the room.

This group was very representative of Delaware’s entire population.

It brings to mind this… I wonder if this “debate” had been scheduled say, in the auditorium of Bancroft School, just off Pine Street, or in the Auditorium of Pulaski School, up on the hill off Rt 4, or in the Kingswood Community Center in Northeast Wilmington, or in the Boys and Girls Club off Union Street, or in the Salvation Army Building between Shipley and Orange Streets, if the NRA would have been so overwhelmingly represented. If those 80 year old white folks would be willing to park on the street, walk the one or two blocks on inter city sidewalks to share their view with those living within walking distance, who hear the pop, pop, pop almost on a daily basis, and it is not at a shooting range…. I wonder if these brave, pompous, arrogant, white haired, Viagra driven septuagenarians would be willing to sit next to a young muscularly built black man who has probably had more experience fighting humans with his bare hands, that that old white man has ever fired his assault rifle. I wonder if these pompous protagonists feel strong enough, virile enough to weather the hurt soul of a black woman who lost their child solely because the NRA has purposefully made guns so easily available and has interceded to discourage law enforcement every step of the way in trying to preserve the peace… Do you really think these old men would show up in the inner city to say, “guns don’t kill people! We already have laws. We need to lock up criminals or people who sort of look like criminal, you know, “those people”, and throw away the key. We don’t need any more law and order!!!”

Tell me. Do you think they would be willing to do that? if the location were made in say a …. more American atmosphere?

The point being made here for all to listen, is that America is bigger than the NRA.. Tailoring meetings and demonstrations just so they can play their strong suit, is not moving America in the direction it needs to go, towards civilization. If all you have is 200 people, getting those 200 people to show up an one spot, is easy. If the room only holds 200 people, it is easy to bluster you have 100% of support in your favor… You say just look around.

On similar grounds, one could say that 100% of people support Miss America Beauty Pageants. Or 100% people support Model Train Collecting. Or 100% of the people prefer to look at old and new postage stamps. Or that 100% of the people want to “flip That House.” Or that 100% of the people prefer to listen to classical music….. “Just look around…” (All good causes by the way….)

I think those analogies properly put the overwhelming support shown by those who want no law on guns, at meetings they can pack, into their proper perspective….

Polls show that close to 9 out of 10 Americans are sick of the NRA making their lives unsafe and want Government to get off their ass and finally do something about it. 9 out of 10 people, especially including those “normal” Americans who own firearms.

I venture that the fact that as the NRA and the Tea Party get crazier and crazier each time they realize no one is listening, is justification enough that they themselves,… know it is true…