Two big hearings in Dover today.  The first was on banning guns. The second was on banning the death penalty… The crazies couldn’t attend both.   The Death Penality was civil, honest, and mostly (9 to 1) in favor of the ban..

Here were some of the reasons offered to abolish the death penalty.

First the moral:  punishing someone by doing to them exactly what you are punishing them for, is convoluted logic.  God is against killing, so how does one tell a child killing is wrong when ones government does it?

Then there is the practical… Killing a killer does not bring back the dead.  In fact, it makes the family wait 25-35 years for a resolution.  Every appeal, makes them relive it all over. Life imprisonment is so much easier on a victim’s family, one verdict; it is done forever… Time to heal.

Delaware spent $2.3 million legal costs on appeals. Just give that to the victims family.  Not really, but get the point?  That money is a waste and is only spent because we have the death penalty.and therefore must give every option to make sure we are not killing another when other options are available.  That money can be better spent on other things.

Criminals who are only in for a year or two, are more dangerous to correctional officers than those in for life.  Life imprisonment is a greater punishment than dying. Dying is the easy way out. 

Now, for the reasons why we SHOULD keep Capital punishment….  There were two.  One, it worked in the movie True Grit (seriously) and second…. there are some really sick Dexters out there who like to watch people die….