By coincidence, two articles came up side by side.  One involved the verdict of the Steubanville case and the other a very racist incident at a CPAC forum in DC yesterday.

In both, the perpetrators were southern white males who think they world owes them everything, who felt they were entitled to do whatever they wished simply because they were southern and white.

In one a woman was raped and left for dead..  In another, a shouting match occurred between white supremacists and very conservative Afro Americans, right inside the CPAC forum itself…..

The Steubenville verdict went against the males,  but the whole town had rallied around the football star who performed the rape, bragged about his conquest, and painted the woman as one causing the crime.  Her crime he said?  She went to a party… Implication?.  If you don’t stay at home, you are legally allowed to be raped…

This is the typical thought process among conservatives, even here in Delaware… To them the law exists only to protect the rights of the most powerful. The law protects wealth.  It matters little what the law actually says on paper.  If you know a sheriff (even if he is only a paper pusher) you can get out of any crime you want… BAM!  Case dismissed.

Likewise. in the CPAC discussion, in trying to “teach” conservatives how to talk about “those people”  the example of Frederick Douglas, a former Republican, was brought up as the proper example..

“Frederick Douglas forgave his slave masters.”  The reply was:  What!! For giving them food?  For giving them shelter?”

The conversation then turned vicious on all those Conservative Afro Americans in the presence of that group…

“I don’t care how much the KKK improved,” one said. “I’m not going to join the KKK because the Democratic Party founded the KKK.” (If it was founded by Republicans, he’d join; just like he was against Republican healthcare only because Democrats borrowed it and ran with it).

When one conservative who took offense at the suggestion modern Democrats were descendants of the KKK, tried to ask a question later once things finally calmed down. She was booed and screamed at by audience members.

“Let someone else speak!” one asshole in Revolutionary War garb shouted.

“You’re not welcome!” a white-haired older woman named Eileen, yelled.

Many of the conservatives interviewed said they enjoyed the event.  “Bout time the truth ’bout us whites  got out there..”  “They were just telling the truth,” another said.

As the media swarmed around the white supremest,  a woman wearing a Tea Party Patriots CPAC credential who had shouted down Brown earlier urged him not to give his name to the press.  When asked, she wouldn’t give her name either..”.There’s no doubt the white males are getting really beat up right now cause they’re stupid! , It’s unfair,” she said. “I agree with that!. My husband’s one of them. ”

Another said…” if you let Blacks cast a fraudulent vote you are depriving someone else of the right to vote, because you are canceling a vote that was legitimately cast by White people.,” he said ” white culture was being denigrated”  “I’m not going to make a general statement about that, but obviously whatever culture you come from there’s somebody who is opposed to it,” he stammered.

CPAC later sent a white washed email to TPM that blamed the entire disruption upon a black woman who supposedly worked for the government of Russia…..

And despite the prayers of the townspeople of Steubanville,  all three males were guilty as charged of multiple rape…..

So what does this have to do with you?

If you give up.  If you relax and stop fighting.  If you turn your attention elsewhere for a brief moment, this ugly undercurrent which is very strong,  will surge, rise up, overrun and ruin your lives….

We can’t have that.  The last election is not over.  There is another one coming up in less than 20 months…   One has to hold  the Republican Party accountable for sanctioning and allowing these people to represent them.  The Republican Party needs to cut these awful people off. It needs to say, “you are not my child;  from now on, you do not exist…”

The slime will then, without attention or support, crawl back into their holes and go away….. There will always  big, fat, ugly earthworms…  Fortunately they always remain underground and we never see them…. Only when the Republican Party cultures them and brings them out into the open… ….. Only when it rains.

Point is.  If the Republicans don’t call these horrible people out, and excomminicate them entirely from the party,  no one!  no one! should vote for any Republican until they are gone!..

Btw, things are going very well in Delaware with an all Democratic government top to bottom. Perhaps the rest of the nation would like to have things work out well too?

At least, have a party that doesn’t promote the rape of women and racist violence against anyone who is not a dumb white male?