One of the untold stories of the great Dornier escapade in Southern California, involves the tiny firm of L&L Enterprises, a winery dispensary sitting off the main drag of Big Bear Lake just north east of Los Angeles….

Someone had ID’d Dornier entering a building across from the command post, and had called the police…. As the very first sheriff’s deputies arrived,,, Ernie Lopez and Greg LaValle rush out of L&L Enterprises which was next door to the location, with vital information…  Dornier had put what looked like guns into a SUV and had headed north out of town up into the wilderness….

On this tip, the entire operation shifted its focus and fanned out over the north side of town, using infrared heat scanning to try and find his hideout…..

Days later, he was discovered holed up in the house right where he’d been reported!….

The mess could have been taken care of in a timely fashion, except for the delaying action caused by Lopez and Lavelle… forever now dubbed L&L Enterprises…

By an almost uncanny coincidence, the same thing is being done here in Delaware by people with unbelievably, the exact same name… Ernie Lopez and Greg Lavelle…. both are members of the Republican Party;  both are in the Delaware Senate….

What they have done is introduce two bills to throw confusion into the Senate, so the necessary bills to help curb mass murders like Alan Lanza, do not get passed…. There is a bill in Delaware’s Senate to renew mandatory background checks for everyone who buys a gun….

Any weakening of this legislation, changes that bill into one renewing mandatory background checks for everyone who is not a criminal.  Criminals get to get their guns without being checked…

And that is the point of L&L Enterprises… They are pretending as did their namesakes in California, to appear to be good citizens helping to do some good, when in reality, their actions cause the exact opposite….

The idea behind background checks is that if everyone good undergoes a background check, those who don’t can be deemed as being bad…  What a mandatory background check does, is absolutely nothing but identify to law enforcement in a timely fashion (before they get shot) who is safe, and who is unsafe….

Allowing holes in the system, so criminals can get weapons and not be traced, is pointless.  Without it being mandatory, meaning everyone has to undergo it if they wish to purchase a gun means the whole bill is pointless….  It means criminals can get guns easier with the bill than without the bill.

We register every single car… If a car shows up in a body shop and the owner of that body shop sees it hit a person, and guesses it is the weapon of a hit and run, we can use the VIN number, and trace that car back to it’s last registered owner.  From him, we can determine where the car went, interview that person, and follow the trail…There is a very good possibility we can find the hit and run driver and bring him to justice… But if we never registered cars, we’d never be able to do that….

Now registering cars is common sense.  But let’s venture for a minute and speculate that say Pennsylvania under Corbett, didn’t register cars… “Forget about it,” he chimed when he took office….  Now all those cars we see with PA tags, effectively have no registered owners.  The hit and run car now has PA tags stolen from somewhere, and is sitting in the body shop, obviously used in a crime, but is now a dead investigative end…..

L&L Enterprises are trying to muck up the works as did Tom Corbett.  When we should be debating how awesomely mandatory background checks will give us a tool to use against crime, they are floating bills that preserve the potholes in  the road to Public Safety which we need to have filled…..

Others can guess at their nefarious motives, just have those in California been guessing  for a month….  All I’m saying is their bills of distraction, are very harmful to us Delawareans trying to ensure a Newtown type shooting does not occur here…….

L&L Enterprises…. Beware…..