We’ve all dealt with duplicity.  Where someone will complain loudly behind their bosses back and as soon as he pops into the room, they flip and lavish praise, sometimes to the point of criticizing others in the same room….

Today I listened to WDEL’s two talk show hosts, and Allan Loudell during his two news broadcasts.

Of the three, Al Mascitti was the most honest, Allan the second, and Rick Jensen …. not even plausible.  Let me explain.

Al Mascitti laid out the facts.  The sequester was small compared to the overall budget, but the people it hurt, were the ones who not only had no safety net but nowhere else to go.   The sequester could have been, and would have been prevented if the Republicans had not filibustered the Senate bill to raise the revenue from those who could easily have afforded: the top one percent.

Allan Loudell was neutral and baited both sides.  I believe I counted four times he asked leading questions that would suggest it was both side’s fault that this bad sequester bill was passed.  I believe I counted three of the four who all laid the blame solidly on the Republicans.  However,  why was this even brought up? Any impartial observer like a journalist from another nation, can easily see off of any newscast that the Democrats are running around the country trying to avert the sequester and warn America ahead of time about its effects, while the Republicans are doing nothing!  In fact, they are gloating over how they pulled the sequester off ……   It is disingenuous to even pretend this is not completely a Republican debacle;  one forced upon the nation by their party and their party alone, and forced in such a way, that Democrats were powerless to prevent it from being fulfilled…..

Rick Jensen, … oh my.  His time was spent trying to pin the sequester on Jack Lew, because Jack Lew was the person Bernstein said originally brought it up…  Therefore only in his mind, is it a Democratic machination.   There was no mention of course, that it was a Republican filibuster that prevented the solid alternative from reaching a vote.  There was no mention that it was all the Republicans who agreed upon the sequester, and voted for it.  There was no mention that a budget act without the sequester attached, was vetoed by every single Republican when it came up for a vote, and that the sequester was only passed, because the Republicans all piled on to push it through….

And here is how he tried to explain all the press reports to the contrary.  “Oh, the press is part of Obama’s team.  They are all lying and twisting things to make it look like it’s the Republicans are the ones who made this sequester happen….. ”  

Upon hearing this misstatement, one must readily ask themselves, hey, wait a minute! Since the press is rather hostile to Obama, perhaps reality IS that they are indeed telling the truth, (and nothing but the truth), and perhaps Rick Jensen is dismissing that truth, and all the facts supporting it, because it makes his side look really bad….

Most people will probably accept the latter before the former. After all, only 24% of voters today will admit grudgingly that they were once Republican.

And here is the problem for the rest of us.  If the press can’t straight up tell the truth, how can the American people ever know?  If the press tries very hard to contort reality into making this appear an even handed event when it certainly is not, they are doing the public a disservice by not informing the public of the reality taking place before their faces….

So, why are we not being informed Republicans filibustered that piece of legislation that would have prevented the sequester?  That alone, makes them the culprits.  You cannot filibuster a bill that will prevent something, and then say… It wasn’t us; it’s the other sides fault.

So, why is only Al Mascitti telling the truth, and nothing but the truth at WDEL these days?

There absolutely, unequivocally, irresolutely is no way Democrats are culpable to the sequestration…  This is absolutely, unequivocally, and irresolutely the Republican’s mismanagement that put us into this predicament…. Pure and simple.

If you don’t know that.  You are not reading news.  You are reading make-believe….. The most frustrating part of the latest frame of the budget war has been that the media’s fetish for evenhandedness prevents us from seeing the simplest truth…..