Thats Eleven Dollars for the Rich; One Dollar to the Poor
Photo courtesy of Disney Productions

Just reading Jack Markell’s advice on sequester, loosely translated, it means “no growth for that”; “no growth for that”; “no wiggle room for that.”

The entire Sequestration is being caused by the shrunken Republican minority’s refusal to accept higher taxes on the wealthy. As proven earlier, the $85 billion for the Federal Sequester could easily be raised by taking income over $1 million dollars one more penny per dollar… None of this would have to occur.

Currently Jack Markell proposes a cut in taxes on the top marginal rate of Delawareans. Almost all are registered Republicans. Their rates are to be reduced from 6.95 to 6.75. Initially in better economic times this was deemed to cost the state $8 million the first year, and $15 million the second year it goes into effect.

With the Federal Government pinpointing $15 million of Federal Aid being cut because Tea Party Republicans won’t raise taxes, the idea of cutting taxes on the wealthy here in Delaware had better now be dead in the water.

As has been mentioned many, many, times here and elsewhere, when you have oodles of more money than you can keep track of, whether the state tax rate is 6.75, 6.85, 6.95, or even 7.95 concerns you not… only 3 out of every 10 voters are Republicans. Only 1 out of 10 of Delaware’s general population, both voting and non voting, are Republicans..

The man behind the tree, is now a republican… He is the one who needs to pay for the Republican caused sequester…. It is time we implement a Republican Donation Tax. A surcharge tax equal to the amount donated to the Republican Party, that gets slapped onto any other assessments by law.

We tax tobacco to pay for the harm tobacco causes. We tax liquor for the harm liquor causes. We tax gasoline for the harm gasoline causes…. ‘Bout time we tax Republicans for all the harm they’ve cause us….