Finally.  The Gulf Stream is weakening.  It has gotten weaker continuously since 2004.  So much Acrtic ice has been turned into cold water, that it now flows down the Labrador Current and hits broadside into the Gulf Stream as it makes it’s way to Britain and Europe.  If it ever veers south from the impact, parts of Europe, which is further north than Baffin Island, will get the tempertatures of Baffin Island.

This weakening of the Gulf Streams current strength, causes water to build up higher on the outside of the curve, and to sink lower on the inside of the curve.  The inside of the curve is in open ocean.  It affects no one.  The outside of the curve ranges from Virginia Beach upwards to the end of Long Island.

Pictures show the Gulf Stream weakening considerably just before Sandy.

Normal Looking Gulfstream October 17 2012
weak Gulfstream November 21 2012

This means water was actually higher and that same higher water was caused by the melting of the Arctic Ice Cap. It wasn’t the actually water flowing down from the Ice Cap, but our high water was caused by the largest seasonal ice melt ever recorded.

Here is the report.

This is for real, man. This is scary.