We’re going somewhere with this.

Republicans legislators in Ohio, Virginia, and Florida have put forth bills to take urine from welfare recipients to test for drugs.

Seriously.  Some well known Republicans brag among themselves that they even want to hold the cup….

Ohio had this bill squashed last spring by their Governor.  It is back again in the form of a three county trial.

Virginia,  tried passing it last year but it was shelved because it would cost the state $1.2 million to implement while saving $ 229,000….

Florida did pass it and too, found out that so few tested positive, that the cost of the testing far outweighed any savings.  Plus, they are still being assessed for legal fees from the action being declared unconstitutional.

One would think Republicans would remember what doesn’t work.  But no.. Now Kansas and Ohio and Virginia have new legislation to redo the same problem….

I’m just curious,…. with only paltry savings on the indigent, why wasn’t this procedure proscribed when we lent big banks  an open line of credit to put themselves back on their feet?

Did we make AIG pee in a cup?  Did we make Bank of  America pee in a cup? Did we make Citibank pee in a cup? And why not?

I wonder how much cocaine those $4o million in bonuses bought?  Poor people don’t do coke.  They don’t have that kind of money.

Just imagine if testing positive could have save us $440 billion?

Since Democrats don’t legislate pee, it can only mean Republican do other things like fantasize  with pee when they are behind closed doors.  For if you didn’t love pee so much…. ugh, why would you even bring it up?