Notice the Quiet Time During the Assault Ban 94-04
Courtesy of Mother Jones

There are many holes in the argument of banning assault weapons. Briefly there are three. One, assault weapons are not the cause of most murders. Two, assault weapons are hard to define exactly. Three, once something is banned, it can be modified, sold legally, then once the sale is approved, unmodified to make it banned again…

So it is difficult and when one argues with a gun enthusiast one gets bogged down. However, I heard Biden mention if first and spent a long time to look up the data…..

For some reason, even though the assault ban was full of holes, when it came to mass murders in public places, the ban seems to work. One must note that Columbine occurred during this time frame. That proves nothing is fail safe. But it also shows that despite a tragedy occurring during this time, for some unknown reason, an assault weapon ban achieved the desired results…

This is just being discovered right now, so data is reduced to speculation.

I speculate the following.

Because an assault rifle could not be replaced, collectors were less likely to give it to creepers up to no good.

Because assault rifles were de-glorified, simply going ballistic wasn’t cool anymore…

Because these weapons were banned, they kept a very low profile, in order to avoid confiscation.

Here is a chart of all the data Mother Jones compiled over the past three decades involving mass murders.

If you look, you can see assault weapons were very few of the weapons of choice in these mass killings. Most were done with semi-automatic handguns.

So why are we not banning handguns? One step at a time. We know that banning assault weapons in the past lowered the rate of mass murders… In fact it appears that over this time frame exempting Columbine most of the incidents were work related. Revenge for “I got fired so now I’m firing this at you.”

What is missing during the assault ban are those crazies mad at the world and going out and wasting everyone away. Oddly, they show up again, just as soon as the assault ban is dropped in 94. Yet they use semi-automatic handguns as their primary tools, not assault weapons…..

It is almost as if, when we say that “carrying any gun any where is good American behavior”, the crazies get guns and pay society back for their hurt…

But when we say,…. “guns are bad, some have to be banned and regulated”, that the crazies agree somewhat, and stay away from getting these “bad” guns and shooting up innocent people to pay us back for their hurt….

As I said… “it is as if…” I think it would be impossible to determine it now after the fact. However, for whatever reason, there was a period of quiet time between mass murders, that except for Columbine was aligned perfectly alongside of the assault ban passed and signed and named after Ronald Reagan’s press secretary, Jim Brady.

Weird huh?

So why are there so many gun killings this year, and there is one giant manhunt going on in Southern California right now?

It appears to the the fault of ALEC… Did you know gun laws on a state by state basis have been rolled back and eliminated since 2009? Mother Jones provides a chart that handily shows the damage that was done. if we had ways of tracing before? They are gone now. Thanks to the Tea Party and ALEC> When you go to that page, and it is a must see, on the map make sure you click on the tabs across the top first. Then go across one tab at a time to see and fully understand why so many crazies are shooting up so many innocents 2012 and beyond…

All evidence points to reigning in these anarchists. As long as people want people to have guns that are untraceable, there can be no order…

  • Ban Assault weapons and high capacity clips.
  • Register every gun so any gun can be traced back to a human being.
  • Any gun owner whose gun is used in a crime, is a co-conspirator.
  • License every gun owner and require they prove they are competent enough for the responsibility.
  • Create one law for one people. Gun laws become a Federal standard and are not bendable by any state legislature.

This way, any gun owner can have their gun. There is no change in anyone’s gun behavior, unless of course they are a criminal.

And we really don’t want criminals to have guns now, do we?   Unless, of course, we are a spokesperson for the NRA that is.