Yes. Dick Morris is gone and there are no other Richards who prognosticate before a camera….

However there is a rumor that Fox is hiring Scott Brown, who was defeated by Elizabeth Warren for the Massachusetts Senate seat. Scott Brown was in the news because he just two days ago turned down the option which he was polled heavily to win, the Senate seat vacated by John Kerry.

So Fox fired Dick Morris, Karl Rove, and all the “old school” Republicans and is searching and hiring “liberal” republicans instead.

Thing is, if the media erases the Conservative from Conservatism, then liberal conservatives could just well win. Scott did win in a liberal state like Massachusetts.

It appears that is what the big money is trying to do. Make Conservatives look gentile, nice, respectable, funny, and full of love for their fellow man.

It just might work. George W. Bush used that tactic after the most successful Black president we’ve ever had, up until now.