How were you taught the Federal Government worked… way, way, way back in High School physics…?

You were probably as was I, taught that two parties campaigned and all the candidates campaigned and when the votes were counted the winners went into office….. When legislation came forward, everyone voted yea or nay, and if the yea’s had it, it went forward. If the nays won, it died. But the idea was that a majority rule was sufficient to govern the body of politics. Of course there were times like impeachment we learned or treaty passage, where making a wrong move would be dangerous, and to make sure it was the correct action, the founding fathers made 2/3rds be the deciders… If that muster wasn’t reached, it died….

In 1994 this 205 year old idea died. After that group came into power, suddenly Congress was not on the debate-and-vote platform anymore. The will of the people stopped mattering. Instead, keeping one’s party values prevalent, was the new order of all that would forever more transpire in Congress.

Last November America sent a decisive message. America elected the first president since Eisenhower to be elected over 51% of the popular vote two time. And Eisenhower was just back from winning the war in Europe! Americans elected more Democratic Senators than they did Republican Senators. And in the House, far more Democrats voted for their Congress people than did Republicans….

The Americans are sending a loud and clear message that “this” is the way they want to go…. and it is getting ignored. Instead the Republicans are being anti-American by acting against all those wishes of the majority of voters, and conniving on “how can we prevent the American people from doing what they want done?”…..

The proper way would be to put up all bills, debate their merits and vote up or down. One could use arm twisting, public humility or any other personal trait to convince someone to come to your way of thinking, and if they did, that would be ok…. That is not what is happening.

What is happening is that bills passed in the Senate are not being released in the House. The House is sitting on legislation that needs to go forward because the Republicans in the House do not have enough votes to stop it.

Appointments are unfilled. Because the Republicans do not have enough votes to block, so the appointments never get voted upon.

And it is obvious to see where the problem lies. Those in Congress are saying “but this is what we have to do to save our way of life because we don’t have the votes to do so otherwise”. At worst it gets laid bare this way when they speak: “I represent the majority views of my district and in order to fully represent them, I need to use subterfuge, crafty tricks, dirty pranks, and just plain meanness to make sure changes don’t get voted over top of us….”

But you can do that by voting your conscious with each vote. After all, it is recorded. You are not constitutionally required to hold up the entire government because you have an idea that only exists in your head. That is not how Congress was designed. If you are in the minority… you lose, and America wins…. After all, if your way of thinking was so great, more people would have voted for it….