It was in today’s Senate Hearing… Mike Kelly, the husband of Gabby Gifford was speaking…

“The shooter showed up in Tuscon, with two 33 round magazines, one which was in his 9mm. He unloaded the contents of that magazine in 15 seconds. Very quickly. It all happened very quickly. Very, very fast.The very first bullet went into Gabby’s head. Bullet number 13 went into a 9 year old girl named Christina Taylor Green, who was very interested in democracy and our government, and really deserved a full life committed to advancing those ideas. If he had had a ten round magazine…. let me back up…. When he tried to reload one 33 round magazine with another 33 round magazine, He dropped it, and a woman named Patricia Maisch grabbed it, and it gave bystanders a time, to tackle him.

I contend that if the same thing had happened when he was trying to reload one ten round magazine, with another ten round magazine, meaning he did not have access to a high capacity magazine, and the same thing happened? Christina Taylor Green would be alive today.

I certainly am willing to give up, my right to own a high capacity magazine, to bring that young woman back, that young girl….

In the background one can hear Wayne LaPierre, head of the NRA, briefly snort at the end of that statement as if to say “who fucking cares…”