In the House, 78 percent of Republicans voted against emergency aid for Hurricane Sandy. In the Senate, those 36 voting against Hurricane Sandy aid, represent 80 percent of Republicans.

Some had districts repaired by Federal Aid after Katrina. Some, had the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers flood their front yards… One, Roy Blunt of Missouri, even angrily insisted that 100% of the Joplin tornado repair be done with Federal Money.  Whereas 75% was already approved and covered …. Roy put it bluntly: “I think they have to come to a better number than that, and the right number, I think, would be 100 percent.”

This caused me to think.

Over the history of man, has there ever been a more hypocritical group than this? Ones who simply deny reality and make so many statements so absolutely contrary to truth?

yes.. there have been.

Kim Jong-Ill
Baghdad Bob
Tokyo Rose
Lord HaHa
Emperor Nero
King Herod

Calling a conservative “hypocrite” is like calling a progressive “liberal”: It stings, but they don’t actually understand why it’s supposed to be offensive.  Using the word “hypocrite” should really be stopped altogether. It’s become a meaningless insult like “Nazi,” “bias,” or “environmentalist.” It actually has some spray back onto its user anyway. Basically pointing out someone is a hypocrite makes you sound like an angsty emo tween. It’s a word we learn in junior high to apply to grownups.

Instead of “hypocrite” I recommend the word “fraud.” It sounds bad. Fraud is illegal. Fraud is immoral. And it’s an accurate way of describing hypocrisy without sounding like an irate Justin Bieber fan.