Instead of banning a few guns and getting into interpretative differences over definitions, lets legalize those guns with which we are all comfortable allowing, which would then make all others not.

I believe there are 2700 types of guns we would keep under the assault ban and magazine restrictions being proposed. We simply list these models as being allowed to be kept by the 2nd Amendment. All others aren’t.

Now, of course lobbyists could later propose that a certain gun gets added on for one of their clients. But that gun will have to go through a review, in which protagonists and antagonists would have the opportunity to argue the merits or demerits of allowing it.

If a person gets stopped for speeding and has an AR-15 in his passenger seat, any officer can check that gun against the National approved list, and if it was not approved, write a ticket and confiscate the weapon….

The brilliance in this is that instead of creating a ban, which gets bogged down by modifications, creates unnecessary bureaucracy and puts everyone on the defensive, in one swoop we guarantee the 2nd Amendment with a wide assortment of guns we are allowed to have.

I would even suggest a grandfather clause gets included for those owning of the newly illegal guns, provided it was registered, insured, and kept out of illegal hands.

The law would look something like this:

Any gun not on the list below, will be considered illegal and subject to confiscation immediately.


Simple. By doing a little flip, and instead of banning guns and allowing all others to be legal, we pinpoint a select group of legal ones we have no issue with, which makes the rest illegal..

Simple. Sweet. Easy to enforce. And impossible to argue against.