The NRA opened a rat’s nest when it bragged it’s membership soared by 100,000 immediately after Sandy Hook took place. Something about that didn’t ring true. If Gangbanger’s Anonymous commits a terrible crime, do you go sign up? No, you pull back away…. as in… ewww, creeper…..

How can something that goes against the grain of human nature be true? Well, a lot of people looked into just that, and found (we are dealing with Wayne LaPierre here) … surprise! surprise!

The NRA’s membership is faked…

Two years ago, David Gross, then an NRA board member, confided that a substantial number of the group’s 1 million Life Members are, well, dead. “There just isn’t that much incentive to go find out when someone passes away,” Gross explained. “Not when the cost of maintaining (a dead member) is minimal and when they add to your membership list.”

Another way that the NRA fudges its numbers is by requiring someone to become a member in order to practice shooting at their local range,.. Grandma Moses may have just wanted to see what firing hubby’s gun was like. She abhors the NRA, but she is one listed as one of their fire breathing members.

The other way that the NRA adds fake members is through membership drives. Like any organization that is trying to increase membership, it acquires junk mail lists that containing people’s names and addresses. It sends postcards to people on the list, and if they send it back non deliverable, their name gets added to the membership rolls. In fact, there’s a case where someone received one of those postcards and sent it back with comments that they did not want to belong. They got a membership card and request for money.

If the NRA is willing to lie about something as simple as how many people have joined the organization, it brings up whether they are lying when they say machine guns in schools make schools safer (they don’t.); when you outlaw guns only criminals have guns (no, law enforcement does too); if you ban ammo that can go through three brick walls and still have killing power, you destroy the Consititution (baloney, the Constitution is still there the day after the ban goes into effect).

It is estimated there are less then two million actual members of the NRA/