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Courtesy of Party Pals

So why would the most popular Republican, the man everyone wanted to run back in 2012… the man hailed as the Great White Hope of the Republican Party, turn on them and bash his own party?


Because his own party is wrong…

He can do more good for all of society by calling the Republicans out for what they truly are, finally, than he could by kissing fat cat’s ass and “toeing” the party line.

Chris Christie is just too big to fit in the Republican’s suit….

I hope he overwhelmingly wins in NJ because courage to call the Republicans the true dicks* they are, is rare. Voters need to reward him for a) being honest with them, and b) for putting his state’s interests over some stupid, made-up, constructed philosophy, that can’t seem to function in the real world….

Christie is right; his party is wrong. Get rid of the bad, keep the good.

*dicks as in Dick Cheney.