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If the NRA can intimidate state representatives by making their life hell in regards to those with guns, why can’t those of us who love children more than anything, do exactly the same thing?

These are those elected to the General Assembly who have started mouthing the “NRA falsehoods”… Hopefully we will have every person who votes against Markell’s fair and balanced proposal, listed on here as being “anti-children”… Oh, everybody can say they love children, but when it comes time to vote, we shall see… This picture will be mailed to everyone in your district by your opponent, remember that.

If you happen vote that you love guns more than you do children, then well, everyone is entitled to their own opinion…. 🙂

(note to elected officials: you get your name on here by mouthing the NRA’s position. If you dodge, duck, and do what politicians have to do, like say, we need to see details from both sides or say, we will have to look at the merits and ramifications of his proposal, that is understandable. If you want to stay off the wall, don’t mouth the NRA’s position.) Because if you do, you are against children.