This Time It's Different

I hear you are going on a tour to sell your ideas on gun control across America. First of all, thank you for carrying that message forward in the public spotlight.

Secondly, I am making the request that you make Rodney Square in our state of Delaware one of your stops… Here are some unique reasons why.

1) Wilmington was rated the most dangerous city last summer. Number 1. Most of that is due to illegally owned guns. It would be seen as being very brave coming into the heart of the problem. It would show inspiring leadership and courage to show up at Illegal Gun’s headquarters.

2) Rodney Square can be easily secured. You were previously here in your first campaign. It gives you access to the Philly media market as well as being closer to those higher income population swing areas in Southern PA that you carried, than downtown Philly itself.

3) We have an airport with a very long runway on which the Air Force One would have no problem landing…. and then a straight line to Rodney Square….

4) You could stay at Biden’s house overnight, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind. About time he entertained his boss…. Plus it’d save us all one big hotel bill.

Seriously, I can’t think of any 4 better reasons why you should make Wilmington, Delaware a major focal point in your trip around the country….