Guns Are for War And Are Not For Hunting Women In Binders
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On a Conservative blog which I won’t name to keep up the appearance of respectability, some amazing comments were posted. When you approach them in remembering that we are dealing with a school shooting, a theater shooting, and a congressperson shooting, (as well as a mall, a church, another school.) none of the comments deal with that reality.

Instead the conversation becomes one on a made up topic, in this case, … that they were going to lose their guns….

The framing of their thought process begins with this: since we are at war with our own government (going on long before the shootings) keeping all weapons in individual’s hands is our first priority, it is the one worth fighting for. Children?” What children? Oh, those? Children die of natural causes all the time. (plus they don’t vote, they do “suck up” their parents resources, and they want things “given” to them, so they don’t matter..)

Here is how their brains work…. Pretend it is you starting the conversation and you need to talk to your spouse, bf, etc, about finances….

“Hey, … we need to talk… This check book is not having its totals kept up….”

“Oh, my Goodness….. Just like that? It’s over just like that?”

“No, No, No… I want to talk to you about our finances….”

“They are younger than I am, isn’t it.. I gave you everything and you are tossing me away. I got wrinkles for you. I sacrificed for you!” I hate you…” (the shrill”screaming begins…)

“No, Calm down. Please. Don’t … Relax… I just need to talk to you about our finances. Look, it’s about the checkbook…”

“OH MY GOSH!… are you closing our bank account? How will I live. You are taking a vacation with them, aren’t you… You stole all our money and you are leaving today, aren’t you!…”

“No, once again. I’m not mad at you. I love you. .. I always love you… I just want to make sure we are on the same page on this checkbook, that is all.”

“Oh, now you are blaming me, huh? It’s all my fault! I never did you wrong and this is how you treat me… I’m calling mom…”

“Mom! I just got thrown out of the house… Yes, he’s taking a vacation with some vixen, I guess he knows her at work. The kids? He didn’t say. I guess he’s keeping them tonight. Can I come over? I’m a mess, I hurt, I can’t stand up. I’m in shock. Hold on, Mom, here he comes….”

“GET AWAY! GET AWAY! STAY AWAY! DON’T GO THREATENING ME! Mom, quick call the police….”

LOL… That is what talking to a conservative about guns is like… They can’t reason. They attack you for doing the worst thing to them when you just wanted to discuss a minor adjustment. They are psycho….

Oh, so now I’m exaggerating? Ha, ha… Look at these excerpts… Now these came from party chairs, county chairs,… former state-wide Republican candidates, … this is a high touting thread… none of their comments deals on the topic of Sandy Hook, or any other mass murder across our nation, caused by assault weapons and high capacity clips….

Here is what they say…..

Some examples….

Obama is going to take guns away.

The military is going to take guns away.

Democrats want to grow government bigger and bigger.

Obama is a statist pure and simple.

Does government have the power to reverse the existence of evil in the world.

World’s first murder occured thousands of years before the first gun was invented.

You want to take/eliminate/control over 300 million weapons but you oppose any effort to control illegal immigrants numbering about 12 million who are in plain sight.

Unlawfully armed criminals will have their way with you and your family at will. When every second counts, the police are only minutes away.

Government will do whatever it can to suppress freedom and liberty
You really think government will willingly submit to the electorate IF that electorate possesses no means to physically defend and enforce their own rights.

You have no real knowledge of how many military personnel includig officers would side with the people if the people were forced to take up arms against a tyrannical government.

Capabilities possessed by our government (much of them) would quickly line up alongside the armed citizens and against elected leaders

The Soviet Union collapsed for one and only one reason: The military (much of it) would not carry out orders to fire on their own countrymen.

If the people put up some serious resistance, they would quickly be joined by at least half, probably a majority, of the military of the United States.

All the officers fighting for the South and the North were allpreviously the military of one unified United States of America.”

If 500,000 armed men and women take to the streets with weapons to fight tyranny, the military for at least half of it will support the people

The progressive liberal government will use any excuse (Sandy Hook) to further their goal of disarming the American Public. The only thing standing in their way is the Second Amendment

I used a quick reasonable number of people who are armed. Even the ones that didn’t come out on the streets are in their homes armed.

The people are not going to fire on the military for the same reason that the military is not going to fire on the people.

The Soviet tyrants fell when the people marched on the legislature

Military would be ordered to go and disarm the people in clear violation of the Second Amendment…. and the military would simply refuse.

Liberals tried to teach the military to DISOBEY unlawful orders ever since the FAKED atrocities in Vietnam trumpeted by liar like John Kerry.

Maybe we should have IQ tests at the polls, too.

When guns are taken from law-abiding citizens, only criminals and law-enforcement will be armed.

The military would disobey an order to fire on an armed population marching on a tyrannical Congress or White House.This would work only BECAUSE the people are armed.

ONLY because the people are heavily armed would the US military feel confident disobeying orders and siding with a legitimate and proper Second American Revolution.

The Nazis murdered 11 million people — not battlefield deaths, outright murder — BECAUSE they disarmed the people.

The only role that guns played in those 6 million deaths were that the Nazis had ‘em and the Jews didn’t..If those 6 mllion Jews had been armed,…

If evil and murder have been rampant for thousands of years BEFORE the invention of the gun, why are you focusing on the gun?

The Military would feel more strongly about joining an armed insurrection that was shooting them as opposed to unarmed protesters they were being ordered to murder

It isn’t the military the people would be shooting.


US military were involved in any way inside the borders of the USA, that itself would be unlawful and a reason for the military to disobey orders.

The armed insurection you postulate would be marching on the Congress — not attacking army bases.

nobody ever suggests that the First Amendment has to be justified by questions about “WILL IT WORK?”

A skilled bowman can kill people just as fast or faster with a cross bow

What about Fertilizer and other chemicals killed 168 people and injured 680 others. Not a single gun involved.a person who walks a bundle of 12 sticks of dynamite into a school auditorium or shopping mall?

4 million Jews went to the gas chambers because they did NOT have guns.

How many guns were involved in the 9/11 terrorist attacks in which 3000 people died?

The 2nd amendment is not perfect but stands as a major deterent to our Government becoming a dictatorship of any kind.

You can pass all the laws you want to start the process of disarming the civilian population, instead of enforcing the laws that are on the books and the result will be the same.

If and when there comes a time when our Government attempts to take away million of legally owned firearms beware of what they will try and take away from you next i.e. your freedom.

Wandering around a school looking for victims, like at Virginia Tech (which involved an ordinary pistol), a skilled crossbow fighter (1) could kill more people because no one would hear gun shots and react or run, and (2) could kill as many people. Are people less dead if it takes 10 minutes instead of 5 minutes?

It does not matter if American civilians are armed or not, the military won’t fire on them.

So if the US military were ordered to fire on US civilians, they would probably turn around and ARREST the person giving them the order.

Liberals imagine soldiers to be these stupid, mentally-retarded robots who don’t listen to Rush Limbaugh or Fox News.

If there were a Second American Revolution as Thomas Jefferson strongly recommended, it would follow a series of clearly illegal acts — such as confiscating guns in violation of the Second Amendment, violating the debt limit illegally, etc.

If there were an impending confrontation, a delegation would go under a white flag to appeal to the police or military to obey their Constitutional oath and sit this one out or join them.

Peaceful demonstrations never have and never will accomplish anything by themselves — although I have organized and participated in many of them.

I have never felt more threatened and in personal danger than when demonstrating near liberals who go insane with uncontrollable anger when conservatives are involved in a peaceful demonstration that disagrees with the liberals.

How did the peaceful demonstrations work out for the Chinese in Tiannemen Square? A demonstration only works IN COMBINATION WITH THE IMPLIED THREAT BACKING IT UP.

In the USA, the demonstration has an impact ONLY because it can motivate the voters TO THROW THE BUMS OUT on election day.

First, there is NOTHING the government can do, to eliminate mass killings across America.

Trying to ask the question “What should we do?” presupposes that there IS ANYTHING that the government can do. That threshold question has not been addressed… because it cannot be addressed.

Jack the Ripper killed a lot of people in London without a gun.

What about a nut job walking a bundle of dynamite into a school auditorium assembly? What about a bomb made from fertilizer like in Oklahoma City at the Murrah building?

Second, are there things we as a society could do to rid the society of evil? YES, but not through the government. We need to repent and return to God.

Ban violent video games as OBSCENE. Obscenity — which is DIFFERENT from pornography under the law — can be banned

Stop Hollywood from making extremely violent movies. Movies like “Saw” (continuation of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre) are legally OBSCENE. They should be banned outright.

Punishment for murder should be swift and certain.

Stop excusing criminals who break the law. Punish law-breakers, don’t coddle them.

Get rid of soft on crime judges.

Ban abortion, which encourages murder of children. If it is okay for parents to kill their own infant — now in the tens of millions — what is wrong with a gun man shooting children in a public school?

What is delusional is your belief that attacking army bases is how an uprising to stop a tyrannical government would occur.

The only reason an armed population would go near the military is to RECRUIT THEM..pointing out chapter and verse as to how the government was violating the Constitution and no longer legitimate.

If your 19 year old were in a unit ordered to fire on American civilians, EVEN IF fired upon, he would probably fire into the air and intentionally miss. Not being as stupid as you think soldiers are, he would realize that the conflict was with his commanders, not him, and if he was not confident enough to arrest his commander (not knowing how others in his unit would feel about that), he would most likely discharge his weapon intentionally missing.

So again your argument depends upon assuming only the stupidest possible behavior, rather than a rational sequence of events.

They are the cream of America. They go into the military out of honor and duty for the best interest of the country. If they saw that the government was acting unconstitutoinally, they would be eagerly waiting for the right moment to join the populace without getting shot for desertion.

You are addressing the wishes of a tyrannical government, not what would actually occur.

Would the military or National Guard obey after seeing that the tyrannical government is violating the Constitution and the law?

If the cause is hopeless, because the people have no guns, then the military and Guard would probably just fall in and obey orders, seeing no other choice.

Imagine a soldier contemplating disobeying an order asking the soldier next to him: “Are you with me?” If the other soldier is NOT with him, that soldier would turn him in as a traitor and the first one would face arrest or being shot.

If the American people continue to be armed with 270 million guns, many or most of the military and Guard would simply refuse to show up to defend a tyrannical government.

This is what happened in Moscow. The dissidents approached the soldiers, TALKED TO THEM, APPEALED TO THEM, gave them flowers and shared a drink with them, the soldiers stepped aside, and the dissidents passed through and took control of the national parliament.

You liberals cannot grasp the difference between the military, whom patriots would have no interest in fighting and tyrants usurping the government who are NOT the military.

If there were a need for a Second American Revolution, the guns would be used to arrest the POLITCIANS — not to go looking for good-hearted patriotic soldiers to SHOOT AT for no apparent reason.

The Second Amendment stands. It is the law. Nor do you need guns to overthrow a Government.

But quite often- as was the case in 1776- you do. It was the judgment of our Founders that the right of the people to keep and bear arms — ALL KINDS OF ARMS — shall not be infringed, including to protect liberty against tyranny.

It does not change the Second Amendment or the considered judgment of most other people that having guns in the hands of the people is the surest and greatest protection of our liberties.

You don’t have facts! You have only shown that you have a different opinion.

The end, (for now)…..