I apologize if some readers think that making fun of the extremism that the NRA is mouthing, somehow reflects on them. I know, for sometimes even members of the Democratic Party can make some statement that doesn’t agree with my insides….

Americans have common sense. That includes the NRA…. Look below.

Requiring background checks for every gun purchase (74% NRA member support);
Requiring background checks on gun shop employees (79% NRA member support);
Prohibiting individuals on the terrorist watch list from purchasing firearms (71% NRA member support);
Requiring gun owners to report to police when their guns are lost or stolen (64% NRA member supports); and
Establishing minimum standards for concealed carry permits (63-75% NRA member support for each standard)

So even out of the most extreme pro-gun organization in America, 74% of even them, are in favor of the President’s plan. Meaning, progress against killing first graders with assault weapons itself is being held up by the tiniest sliver of human existence.

Wayne LaPierre speaks for the NRA like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson once spoke for the Democratic Party. Not.

We put our Al and Jesse on the sidelines. You in the NRA can do the same to yours…