We’ve been there. We know. For us it was during Reagan’s 2nd term. We had the same arguments you have now… Our Romney was Walter Mondale. After losing we began looking at what a Democrat really was… We shunned the title Liberal.

The mantra that in class struggle it was the working man who carried the elections, was busted for us. We had the same arguments you did. Our radicals said we lost because we didn’t have a true liberal.. our mainstream said look at the obvious, true liberals can’t win.

Our next primary was a free for all.. and the one who won, was the most Machiavellian of the bunch. A centrist. A governor. Someone who had results attached to his name. And the race was close for a while, for we were running against a wimpy vice president. But we put our guy into a tank, and that was it… People blame Willie Horton, but it was the tank, that made Americans say unh-unh…. not Presidential enough. And Republicans took the highest office again, but we had found the answer.

Philosophy was a dinosaur. Politics was practical. You outplayed your opponent and you won. We then put up a Southern Governor who was modern enough to capture the old Democrats from the North, and had appeal, that could squeezed votes from the South, and Ross Perot helped a little too….

His second election, was not based on philosophy either. It was practical. The challenger didn’t have a chance really, even with falling off the stage… Someone had rebuilt America from the horrible recession and we were happy with the direction we were headed…

His vice president didn’t do as well as Reagan’s. But it was a little closer, and the other side won. But no one voted on philosophy. His challenger just had more popular appeal, was a little more charismatic, and much less of a jerk on TV than our candidate. It was practical. Leaving no child behind? Taxes back? And especially after having details of blow-jobs spewing across blue dresses, … Family values. We were going to have a Christian in the White House…..

That is where the Republican Party began falling apart. 2004 should have been a landslide. It wasn’t,… because “the philosophy” was touted. Your guy won barely, and by deceit… Then you lost both houses in 2006… That again, was because of your philosophy. You lost really bad in 2008… It was your philosophy, as well as the fact that McCain and wife, were no match for the Democrat and his wife. But as failure after failure piled up from all the decisions Republicans had made during the prior decade, Americans became practical and chose someone who would fix things, irregardless of philosophy. and that is what he did… Obama fixed things.

So, you ran 2010 on philosophy… and won. But, America was hurting too much to pay attention. It was more of a coup, than a mandate. When it came time for America to make their statement, they did. They don’t want any Republican philosophy. Period.

So. here is what you do. You let your people decide. They have been telling you over and over again. First with McCain, then with Romney. They like the liberal Republicans… Those old Conservatives fogeys, ALWAYS LOSE.

And that is about as clear as I can make it. If you want to preserve conservatism, you had better cull out those with similar beliefs, rent a building on top of a hill somewhere, and live in seclusion, writing your ideas down for some future generation…. because the American People want a liberal.

The question for you, is should you always accede that liberal to be a Democrat? Or would you like to put in a Republican Liberal for a change….

Conservatives can’t win. It is totally because of their philosophy….