In an effort to blunt the comparison of dead Americans by guns to say dead Japanese, dead Brits, dead Germans, the NRA has said things in America “are not that bad. Stop comparing America to civilized countries! Compare America to the “real world” it insists…

Just for the record here is why. In countries that do control guns in some way, the deaths per 100,000 are low.

Japan, has a 0.07 per 100,000 ratio.
Britain, has a 0.25 per 100,000 ratio.
Germany, has a 1.10 /100,000

In our country, which the NRA lets everyone do whatever they want, our ratio of gun deaths to 100,000 is…….

10.2 per 100,000

But as they teach you in beauty school, if you are ugly, hang with someone who is uglier than you. No one will notice.

The NRA wants us to compare ourselves with countries(ratios per 100.000 in parenthesis) like … El Salvador(50.36), Jamaica(47.44), Honduras(46.70), Guatemala(38.52)…. “See, these are bad countries”, says the NRA. “We don’t need to regulate guns yet in the United States.”

Question is this? Does anyone else think it is not cool we are comparing ourselves to former Banana Republics instead of the top civilized societies around the world? It’s like saying we should all be emulating Lindsey Lohan instead of Paris Hilton…..