While most of America rejoiced in bi-partisan spirit, grateful that by a miracle, both sides came together and prevented a 2nd Republican-caused Recession from occurring on America, the Republican Party is furious with itself… So mad, they are eating their own children….

When Republicans nobly met the Democrats halfway in the Senate, and 85 Republicans nobly put country ahead of party in the House, the Republican Party is furious with their leadership!

Let’s enjoy some quotes, shall we?

One Republican is on the record saying he won’t support Boehner’s Speakership bid…… “I have known Congressman Boehner since I first came to the House in 1995. He is a decent man. But I have sharp disagreements with the manner in which he has handled President Obama and House conservatives,” Rep-elect Steve Stockman (R-Texas)

“While he is all too eager to favorably negotiate with a liberal White House that has outmaneuvered him at every turn, he has been harsh and punitive in dealing with conservatives.” Rep-elect Steve Stockman (R-Texas)

“The GOP must now be willing to shoot the hostage” Pat Toomey PA

If they can’t find a way to get real cuts without shutting the government down, there will be hell to pay if they cave without a shut down. Erik Erickson

I’m not the only one who will be quitting the Republican Party -and I mean next week- if they keep spineless RINO nothing John Boehner (and even worse traitor Mitch McConnell) in a position of power, not now that they’ve kowtowed to the vile Obammunist regime yet again and ditched whatever speck of principle they ever had with an truly sickening 41-1 tax increase/spending cuts ratio that can’t spun any other way than complete and utter capitulation. The Reagan Republican

Seriously, America. this is what we have to work with… Kooks. Nuts. Numbskulls. People who used to keep their heads under rocks but now think they can run a major political party…

A Pox on the one house intent on destroying America…. Today would be a good day to change your registration if you are signed up as a Republican….

What horrible, horrible people. One would think in America, we could at least put country ahead of party, at least once?