Here is the editorial from the Guardian, a UK paper…   The Republicans try to shunt its criticism by saying it is bias.  Actually, it is just the truth they don’t want to hear….

Before you go further, ask yourself, …. how many times have you heard on American television or in American editorials, that it is “BOTH”  parties’ fault?   Too many to remember?

Here is what the Guardian says….


And virtually this entire situation is the result of Republican intransigence. If you’ve come looking for false equivalence or a pox on both houses-style argument, you’ve come to the wrong place. This one is all on the GOP. They’ve created this crisis; the perpetuated it and then refused to resolve it until the country had basically gone over the fiscal cliff they manufactured.


Since Republicans won the House of Representatives in 2010, the country has staggered from one pointless fiscal showdown after another. In every case, Congress and the president have repeatedly kicked the can down the road rather than pass legislation that either made serious efforts to right the country’s fiscal imbalances, or would stimulate economic growth.   Meanwhile, the US economy continues to underperform; unemployment remains frustratingly high; climate change is worsening; the immigration system is a mess; the nation’s infrastructure is still falling apart … and I could go on. In fact, this Congress is the least productive since the 1940s.

There you have it:  straight from the horse’s mouth… As those of us on this side of the pond who don’t have editors changing the truth in what we write, we say… Hear! Hear!