From CNN

Without displaying the capacity for strong leadership, political parties can’t succeed. Voters want parties that can get the nation out of trouble, not push them deeper into a hole. The GOP primaries were filled with aged political actors and oddballs who had trouble convincing Republican voters that they could really handle the any job.

In the House of Representatives, Speaker John Boehner has had almost no success keeping his troops in line. He has led a Republican Caucus that continues to drag down the image of Congress and create the impression that Republicans can’t handle the responsibilities of power. The past two years of his leadership have revolved around the constant collapse of budgetary negotiations.

The Republican Presidential Primary field was left to kooks, brain dead governors, sexual predators, and a thrice divorced womanizer whose first wife’s children had to defend the third wife from the accusations of his second one. Republicans finally settled on the candidate, “who really didn’t want to be president after all”…..

Now, when we really need something done. … …. …..

Republicans simply can’t govern.