Today’s News Journal did the first eight pages of this Sunday’s paper, on how global warming was destroying Delaware’s coast. Seriously, we now are debating whether or not to protect Rehoboth Beach for this Century, or just let nature take it over…

Global warming is real. The Ocean says so.

And yet, in order to make a balanced news=piece, Dr. Stapleton of the Caesar Rodney Institute is called upon to make a statement. He has done a couple of op-ed pieces that have been torn apart by experts in many fields as employing artificial data to get artificial conclusions.

The News Journal today, began to discredit him.

If you are a newspaper and you want credibility you have to report the truth. I am glad to see the News Journal put such a great effort, I don’t think I have ever seen this many reporters doing different articles on the same topic.

When you have waves rising over protective barriers, and you have fresh marshes now salt marshes, and you have flooding for the first time from a little no name storm that was higher than that during Hurricane Sandy, compared to one person, Dr. Stapleton, who is saying, global warming does not exist, oceans are not rising, ice is not melting, storms are not getting worse, temperature around the world is not getting warmer…. the newspaper has an obligation to the public, to ridicule Dr. Stapleton opinions for flying in the face of reality, and thoroughly discredit his organization, the Caesar Rodney Institute, as the Ministry of Magic….

This idea that one has to report junk science in order to be fair and balanced, is not fair and not balanced to those who are trying to form a consensus to deal with the problem. Great resources will need to be committed, and if the New Journal is treating false science as a truth, it is doing a great disservice to coastal residents, the state, and the counties that have to act now…

The News Journal should do a piece that totally discredits Dr. Stapleton and calls him out for his propaganda… Then it has the obligation to every Delawarean to never mention, or let his rants appear in the News Journal as opinion pieces… ever again….