Republican States that decide to opt out of Obamacare are allowed to set their own standards for Medicare and Medicaid. That means they can set their own poverty levels at where it kicks in.

By definition, Republican States have a government that favors the wealthy over the 98%.

The level on which one can be insured by Medicare or Medicaid is set artificially low.

Bobby Jindal, sometimes spoken as a presidential hopeful for 2016, has a threshold of 25% of the Federal poverty level before Medicaid kicks in. The Federal Minimum required by Obamacare would be 113$ of the Federal poverty level. (In comparison, Delaware’s minimum is 119% of the Federal poverty level.

Those states opting in, will cover people up to the Federal Minimum. These states which opted out, Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, South Carolina, South Dakota, Maine and Louisiana, now all get to set their own minimum levels of Medicare.

Instead of providing medical coverage at the federal minimum of $14,856 or less, in Louisiana one must have a yearly income of $1229 or less. Essentially no coverage at all. Anyone making less than $14,856 or more than $1229 is not covered. They have no medical insurance. Their plight if further compounded because in these Republican states, hospitals ARE allowed to turn away those who cannot pay, provided they are not in severe pain.. The flu or sprained ankle injuries are not covered. Prescriptions are not covered.

So, whereas Obamacare is a great stepping stone for achieving affordable healthcare in all those states subscribing to it. …. it returns those Republican states so refused it simply on “Political Principal” (there is no additional cost involved the first three years), to the medical practices available in the Great Depression