A. Too many volatile variables to predict exactly how long $200 billion in stopgap will last…..

B. Tax forms and 2013 Tax laws are in limbo, paralyzing the financial acquiring process, so that all projections for the next 5 years are now thrown off.

C. The crash of the world’s financial markets triggered by a downgrading this second time, could create a massive depression possibly four times worse than the crash of 2008. For one, the US Treasury being broke, is powerless to intervene. Treasury interference is credited with stopping the collapse last time.

There are four extra-ordinary means that will be used to borrow $200 billion.

One. Borrow out of the federal employee’s pension fund.

Two. Suspend the G-Fund. The G fund is part of the federal employees’ retirement system thrift savings plan. This provides $155 billion out of the $200 billion available.

Three. The Treasury will also temporarily stop issuing state and local government securities… shutting most of the emergency income state and local governments have.

Four. The Treasury will stop contributing to the exchange stabilization fund, which it uses to buy foreign currencies to keep the American Dollar stable.

These monies will have to be paid back if and when the Tea Party Republicans cave in an allow taxes to go up on the wealthy.