I wanted to poke a hole in this balloon before it gets too big. Mike Huckabee is jumping the shark now that he thinks he is the only voice of the Republican Party….

For those of the Judea-Christian tradition, the First Commandant given to Moses, is “thou shall have no other God before me”… fair enough.

The second, is, “thou shall worship no graven image”. Historically that has always meant not to put God into inanimate objects… Again. fair enough.

Yet that is the opposite of what Huckabee is doing, and the opposite of what Santorum carried out.
Both are speaking about forming a “Christian” Government. Both are speaking about “Christian” Businesses….

To be clear, this is something they have invented. God in no way blesses one business because it carries the seal of his approval, and dooms another because they do not… The business is neutral.

Jesus said nothing about a business being Christian. Nothing. All Jesus’s words were about humans. The Apostle Paul, said nothing, nothing about a business being Christian. Nothing. As Jesus, all his teachings were about human conduct.

In fact, the notion of Christian business did not occur until this year, and only then, after they lost the election.. The idea that God would live in a business and flow through every transaction, blessing every coin, and keeping the utility rates low, really is a new commodity in religious thinking.

Also new, is the idea that we should have a “Christian” Government. What does that mean, we burn heretics at the stake?

The biggest point is, if you seek to have a Christian business, or to establish a Christian government, you are violating the 2nd Commandment, you are committing a sin.

Flat truth is… all business is neutral… all government is neutral…. God is a personal god, and only lives in people., If you were to put a lot of Christian people in a government, I suppose one could name it anything one wants, and I suppose that if everyone was of the same persuasion, that government inhabited by those people would operate also along the same lines of philosophy….

But, if those people were ever changed out, and new people put in, the government wouldn’t follow those same values… Proving once and for all, that government is neutral… It has no religion… It’s purpose is to govern…

So only in “the Tea Party of America”, can neutrality be deemed a negative object…. Where a nation that treats all persons equally is hated because it won’t favor one sliver of a tiny minority over the 99% of the majority… It must elicit confusion that members of the fundamentalist right would look upon the government’s neutrality as being negative.

After all, who hates the Swiss?